October 2005

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 01 Nov 2005 22:33:54 GMT
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Saturday, 1 October: Tasty Pig Liver Treats

Sunday, 2 October: 16th Amendment Fraud Monday, 3 October: Three Brazillians Dead in Iraq Tuesday, 4 October: Schools As Pushers Wednesday, 5 October: Escaping Quicksand Thursday, 6 October: Failure to Fire Was Bad Ammo Friday, 7 October: Same Shit, Different Asshole Saturday, 8 October: Bush Likes Torture Sunday, 9 October: Third World Amerika Monday, 10 October: The Gizmo Project Tuesday, 11 October: FDA = Death Wednesday, 12 October: Tell the Truth Nigger Thursday, 13 October: Where's That Confounded Title? Saturday, 15 October: Roswell, Texas Sunday, 16 October: BOGU or SSSU Monday, 17 October: Mass-Printed Plastic Electronics Tuesday, 18 October: Liz to George: Bring It On! Wednesday, 19 October: Bill of Rights or Bust Thursday, 20 October: Don't F*ck Up the Landing Saturday, 22 October: Lawful Commerce in Arms Protected Sunday, 23 October: The Scaffolding of the Welfare-Police State Monday, 24 October: Marlin Misfire Managed Tuesday, 25 October: Fever Is Your Friend Wednesday, 26 October: Google Reader Thursday, 27 October: The Programmers Stone Saturday, 29 October: NcSTAR Sunday, 30 October: Gunblasts Monday, 31 October: Dog Kontrol

September | October 2005 | November

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