Failure to Fire Was Bad Ammo

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 06 Oct 2005 12:00:00 GMT
# Joshua Holmes at No Treason - Dying of Shock - humorous commentary on Bushnev's latest Supreme Court nomination. [notreason]

# Wendy Mcelroy at Fox News - A White Oppressor? Who Me? - Ms. McElroy responds to rhetoric from the organizers of a black-only event at a college that supposedly doesn't allow racial discrimination. Try having a white pride rally there and you can bet they'll disallow it, but Baking Bread: Women of Color Dialogue was OK. After all, it's only racism if whites or goyim do it, right? [claire]

# Bill St. Clair at The Claire Files Forum - Some Progress in Fixing my Failure-to-fire Problem - I've had a problem with failure-to-fire-on-the-first-hammer-fall on my Marlin 444P for a while now. Yesterday at the range, I tried some commercial ammo. Worked good. So the problem appears to be with my handloaded ammunition. Don't know yet how to fix it, but I'm closer.

# Music for Misanthropes - Reasons To Find "Serenity" - he liked it.

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