December 2004

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Wednesday, 1 December: Good to be King

Thursday, 2 December: Apocolypse Bush Friday, 3 December: War: Glorified Mass Murder Saturday, 4 December: No Witnesses, No Problem Sunday, 5 December: Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan Monday, 6 December: Stupid, Insane, AND Evil Tuesday, 7 December: The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel Wednesday, 8 December: I Own My Body Thursday, 9 December: 666 Pages Enable "Papieren Bitte" World of Tomorrow Friday, 10 December: Rational Vaccination Saturday, 11 December: Google Suggest Sunday, 12 December: The United States of Torture Tuesday, 14 December: Amerika's Oligarchy Wednesday, 15 December: Bill of Rights Day, 2004 Thursday, 16 December: Don That Left Shoe First, It's the Law! Friday, 17 December: San Francisco Vies for Homocide Capital of the United States Saturday, 18 December: Kyoto Protocol, RIP Sunday, 19 December: Smells like... Infamy Monday, 20 December: Bill Nevins Update Tuesday, 21 December: Winter Solstice, 2004 Wednesday, 22 December: The Power of Nightmares Thursday, 23 December: The Onion Router Friday, 24 December: Light the Whole World Saturday, 25 December: Blessed Be! Sunday, 26 December: Autism is Not a Disease Monday, 27 December: Real Crime vs. Legislated Garbage Tuesday, 28 December: Barely More Sentient than a Parrot Wednesday, 29 December: Slavespeak Thursday, 30 December: Printing Money for War and Profit Friday, 31 December: S&W 500: BOOM!!

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