December 27 ... Expect "something big" ... This is it, folks

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German Guy from GLP. Intruiging....
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Anyone else able to pick up CIA and other US government "chatter". I can, and I have.

December 27 is the day that?s freaking out the minions at the alphabet agencies (but not the controllers at the good ol? al-CIAda network).

It sounds as if it?ll make 911 look like rather a fun day. How do I know?

I'm a former employee for the German foreign intelligence service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst.

There are still large number of mission-critical US bases in this country. I know what they have for breakfast each morning, even the colour of their underwear.

How do the CIA tap into "al Qaeda" chatter' They use the same methodology I employ. I can also tell you that the US military expect to lose the war against the resistance movements in Iraq. I also know about Iran's contingency plans for a surprise American or Israeli attack. President Bush is deliberately destroying your military. Much of the chatter speaks about nuclear detonations in your country and attacks on shipping.

I also know that the Americans are *hoping* proactively for a "terrorist" attack in Europe (especially Germany) to get European sentiment behind the Bush policy.

However, it won't work as many journalists (and the BND) are aware of the CIA and some Mossad people who were behind the bombings in Madrid.

If the CIA goes ahead with this plan, they will be found out and the rage against America will intensify. It would mean the end of diplomatic relations between my country and yours. Thank you for your many comments, some of which are extremely intelligent with good observations and others which are quite funny.

I must drive to meet some people in Frankfurt today and meet with a friend who still works at the American Consulate in the Siesmayerstrasse. (I was once a very good friend of Douglas Kramer, a Clinton appointee who was Vice Consul in 1997.)

I will get back to you later today and add some more about the CIA plans for Europe.

It is very important that readers, whether they are ordinary American citizens or members of the US intelligence services, realise that it would be extremely foolhardy to plan staged "terrorist" attacks against European centres of population. Yes, there is of course a lot of collaboration between the British and American services that gives rise to concern.

Firstly, it is important to draw a distinction between the ordinary and dedicated employees of the agencies at the lower and middle levels, and those in senior positions who are not really interested in national security, but long-term power politics.

The British invest heavily in power politics because they have an agenda that cannot be supported by their military. Instead, they use the American military to achieve these goals.

In fact, if the truth was known, many Americans would be horrified to learn that the American military serves the interests of the British and Israelis first and American interests last.

Tony Blair is not really a prime minister in the democratic sense. He is a rubber-stamped (by the people) Crown place-man who is really the prime minister of the City of London, which is the centre of the Anglo-Saxon financial and political empire. I don't think the German people would tolerate a desire to take back former colonies as we are very opposed to such discredited imperial politics. You must also remember that Germans are mostly pacifists, having suffered two horrendous wars that were organised by their enemies in London.

This is one reason why your President is so unpopular in Germany. He reminds a lot of people of Adolf Hitler. Dml, I'm not familiar with the prophet of whom you speak but I have read about other prophecies made many years ago that have come to nothing.

At the moment in Germany we have severe economic problems and this is likely to last for some years to come. In fact, there is so little money in the public purse that the government is thinking of abolishing compulsory miltary service (young people may also opt for civil service if they are pacifists).

We have a very small standing army and cuts are to be made here too. There are also constitutional factors which would prevent an aggressive foreign policy. No political party that I know of (not even the far right) supports the idea of imperialism. People are too concerned with unemployment and cuts in social spending. Yes, the cities that are mentioned most as sites for nuclear detonation are Houston, Dallas and Atlanta. In Europe, we have computed multiple references to Frankfurt, Paris, Munich and Berlin (Frankfurt is at the top of the CIA/Mossad "hit list").

A lot of this chatter can be accessed by intercepting the Echelon system, the raw information output of which is processed by the NSA in America and the Royal Signals in Britain (as a sidepoint, the Echelon system is no longer reliable or efficient because it doesn't use intelligent algorithms).

What I rely on is good old-fashioned telephony interception, but on a software platform that unencrypts communications between the various US military installations and CIA stations dotted around Europe. Also, the best intelligence you have is another long-forgotten system called "human contact"! Yes, taking briefings from the intelligence community direct (on an informal off-duty basis, of course).

The Israelis are very good at selling software-based intelligence systems but I have never had much faith in their objectivity (on the human side). The Russians are progressing rapidly in this area and many agency people I know are extremely impressed with their communication robots (they are like software vacuum cleaners that suck up information from electronic communications, but are in Russia much more advanced than the "dumb" Echelon system. Echelon produces too many false positives). These are interesting questions. If I only have time to answer one before I travel to Frankfurt, I shall try to address the others when I return.

To 9-11. I personally (and many within the German intelligence services) believe that 9-11 was an internal operation planned and executed by an extreme pro-Israel faction within the American government and intelligence services. The technicalities evident in both planning, timing and precision flying point to the use of technologies not available to so-called terrorist groups.

We believe that the relationship between the so-called al-Qaeda group (really the Muslim Brotherhood which is financed by the British) and the Israeli intelligence services is very complicated, but there is an alliance of convenience. We ran a personality profile on some of the alleged hijackers, analysed handwriting and applied linguistic methodologies, and thus believe that Atta was a Mossad asset.

There is also an enabling aspect on the part of the Pakistani intelligence services, which is a clone of the CIA. Yesterday Musharraf told your media that he had done everything possible to destroy the Taliban enclave in the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is a lie. Neither the Americans nor the Pakistanis have any intention of breaking the Afghan rebel forces, as they will need them to become more extreme and regain the co'ntry at a future date.

I think it would be very interesting to see Osama bin Laden and Mr Wolfowitz in a room together privately, for I am sure they would kiss each other on the cheeks as brothers under the skin with roughly the same general project, though sharply divergent goals. I have ofetn heard my American friends remark with surprise that Germans are not "controlled", as they thought.

By NWO I think you are referring to the "new world order" system Bush Senior spoke of during the first Gulf War.

Firstly: in Germany it is illegal for government agencies to share information about citizens they deal with on an ordinary basis. There is no central computer that links all of the various departments. (It is a different matter if you are seen as a threat to the constitution, and that matter is dealt with by your local state and not by the federal authorities.)

As yet we do not have a biometric ID system, although that may happen in the future following approval from the European Parliament. This has been forced on us by the American government. Nobody in Germany is enthusiastic about this development, but if you travel to America regularly, you will not get entry permission after October 2005 without biometric data in your passport.

I have not heard about Satan appearing on any ID card. You can however see such things by folding various international paper currency in a certain way, so I think it has more to do with imagined demons than any deliberate symbolism.

If there is a continuing move to a world order of concentrated power, then this would rely first on the destruction of the American people and the American system of government. This is already happening in the United States and the biggest culprits are to be found in the American government itself.

It seems that a grouping of international corporate entities and financial institutions have decided that America at this late stage is only good for projecting military force, and so it will use up American resources to advance its own agenda until there is not much left of American power and credibility.

At the geopolitical level there are only two main beneficiaries: Israel and the City of London (Israel will then be destroyed by the CoL and international corporate power groups). At the financial-imperial level, the major corporations and institutions involved in the bleeding away of American military power have little to lose, since all of them have sufficient assets outside of US territories and would survive the collapse of the United States as a global power.

So if this is what you mean by a world order, then you are correct. It will not be a global system of control connived by nation states, but rather by corporate and financial entities (who already enjoy enormous power and influence at all levels in all countries).

I shall have to answer other questions when I return later today. Paul Wofowitz will authorise the detonation of a nuclear payload in the Houston area on December 27, 2004. The Hidden Hand network (Mossad/al-Qaeda/SAS) of which he is the nominal controller has verified in advance every aspect of operational integrity - a failsafe job with zero chance of discovery.

Houston has been primed for months via deliberate mismanagement, incompetence, corruption and embezzlement at its FEMA-independent Emergency Center. The police and fire services have been deliberately and systematically sabotaged and thrown into administrative chaos so as to ensure maximum fatalities in the aftermath of the detonation. However, the existence of the center will provide the Bush administration with a "we did everything we could" excuse.

We believe the Hidden Hand envisages the following scenario:

1. Detonation on Dec 27 (could be delayed, but all our intercepts point to this date) 2. The State Department blames "al-Qaeda", whose leaders are allegedly hiding in Iran 3. Iran (truthfully) denies giving refuge to said leaders 4. Bush issues Iran with a cowboy-style deadline for delivery of alleged leaders 5. Iran fails to comply because it cannot 6. UN convenes in emergency session - no agreement (Watch Ariel Sharon quietly flee to his private estate in Greece) 7. Other foreign intelligence agencies dispute the State Department version 8. Happily for Wolfowitz, Osama bin Laden releases a videotape claiming responsibility, warning America not to attack his "brave warriors" in Iran 9. American fighters launch a "decapitation" attack on the Iranian government and alleged "al-Qaeda" bases

We know that the Wolfowitz network has concealed a remote-controlled nuclear payload in the Houston area. None of our intercepts give us exact coordinates. We have also heard the same code system used in regard to Atlanta and Dallas, although not with the same frequency. We believe that Mara Salvatruchas, the CIA-run Salvadora syndicate, is peripherally involved with the Wolfowitz network in protecting and running cover for a rogue ex-SAS British assassin who is perhaps the world's leading logistics and reconnaisance expert.

Last known as either Frank Riley or Terence Lawley, we believe that he was responsible for the murder of nuclear physicist John Mullen on June 29. Mullen was approached by a Hidden Hand contact man posing as a CIA agent at the behest of Wolfowitz on February 12, 2003, and was asked to provide the "CIA" with an hypothetical schematic of a remote-controlled, trunk-sized nuclear device with a payload "several times greater than 'Fat Man'" (in the interests of nationaly security). Mullen was told that the hypothetical impact area would be "a city the size of Houston". Mullen complied with this request but grew suspicious toward the end of 2003 and abruptly ended his cooperation.

At the beginning of June, Mr Mullen decided to contact the staff of former National Security Adviser, Sandy Berger, with a view to discussing his CIA work with him. At the time Berger was too busy too see him immediately owing to his work as foreign policy adviser to John Kerry. We believe that this is what sealed the fate of Mr Mullen, as Sandy Berger does indeed have informal links to the Wolfowitz network and it is conceivable that Berger warned Hidden Hand. Incidentally, three weeks later Berger was charged by the FBI with the theft of critical documents from the National Archive relating to evidence that he had helped Wolfowitz facilitate the 9-11 attacks.

Wolfowitz is also running a Mossad agent in the Houston area called Avner Meir, whose present status is unknown, but we believe he is currently holding a visitor's visa. His job is to facilitate the smuggling of Muslims (any Muslims will do) across the Mexican border and provide them with accomodation and distress funds under the asuspices of a fake charitable organisation. We suspect that Meir, also a master forger, will provide the unwitting Muslims with forged US passports and driving licences, plenty of Muslim literature, commendations and enough money to be "seen and remembered".

This was the basis of my discussions with American diplomatic personnel in Frankfurt yesterday, both of whom have been locked in secret discussions with the German government over, among many other things, their application for political refugee status in the event of making this known to the media.

The far side of the CIA and Mossad have been ordered to drop any plans they may have had for bombing the financial district of Frankfurt, including the European Central Bank. The Wolfowitz Network has decided that the Houston detonation must take priority over everything else.

All of our intercepts, field information and disclosures from former (and not so former!) US diplomatic personnel, tell us that the American people are being set up for another, but even more devastating, 9-11 tragedy in which a tiny group of people will gain enormously at the expense of the rest of the world. Please allow me to clarify something important. When the Bundesnachrichtendienst seeks to warn other nations about possible covert activity, it is standard procedure to transmit this information only to its opposite number. In the United States this is the CIA, which is then mandated to relay that intelligence to the government. The BND performed this function twice in 2001 prior to the 9-11 attacks, warning very explicitly with detailed information about exactly (and I mean "exactly") what the Wolfowitz network was doing. Twice, the BND was ignored.

Although we are former BND operatives and analysts (plus my technical partner), who also work internationally in conjunction with "The Library", we would still be expected to follow standard procedure. However, we no longer trust the CIA establishment as an impartial mediator of critical information. Nor do we have much faith in the Bush executive, from within which the Wolfowitz network of the Hidden Hand was spawned.

We therefore made an unprecedented decision to communicate these findings directly to the FBI. To date, we have seen no indication that any action has been taken, which is disheartening to say the least, if only because we may very well see history repeating itself.

The sad truth is that almost every major state-based intelligence organisation is heavily compromised in the performance of its duties. As a Canadian operative ("John Doe") himself testified earlier in this discussion, even the BND is subject to arbitrary, politically inspired stand-down orders when it comes to breaking up Mossad subversion of sovereign nations. We know that American public service agencies (and to a lesser degree the British intelligence community) have been infiltrated top to bottom with Mossad and Hidden Hand assets and sympathisers, and that the American media deliberately fails to report this type of subversion.

Why is that' We know that newspaper and media owners themselves are already wealthy and well-disposed toward the Hidden Hand. Well, you need to ask yourselves about the vast sums of cash siphoned off from defence procurement contracts in various budgets that are not properly audited by your Congress, such that said sums of money are given the designation "slush and hush" funds, managed by unaccountable financiers in the City of London. Editors and journalists often enjoy a lifestyle far in excess of their normal salary - just for turning a blind eye. Please allow me to dispel a few myths. The internal and external communications of CIA stations and military installations in Germany are not only insecure, they are laughably easy to crack.

I think many Americans go to see Hollywood films and come away with the impression that these people have all this whiz-bang technology and gadgets. So it would come as a shock to you to learn that many are still equipped with old Windows 95 machines :-). And they shouldn't be using Windows at all, even the latest rubbish.

Up until recently, US military bases in Germany all used Compaq A900 printer/fax combos (yes, in the age of the internet!). These were all supplied by a bulk retailer in Germany. We rewired every Compaq A900 printer/fax before the bulk supplier shipped them. We knew that the machines were never swept for bugs, and even if they were they would never have registered any. For almost eight years nothing written on those machines escaped our attention!

Here's the oldest info-leak in the book: wives and girlfriends. While agents and senior military personnel use encrypted communications (landlines and mobile/satellite), girlfriends and wives often use a standard E-plus, 02, D1 and D2 Telekom handy. (And don't forget: Mr Bush will not pay the expense of encrypting the mobile of a mistress/whore.)

Now, in my time we were all forbidden from telling our wives or girlfriends about any aspect of our work. What we discovered over the years is that American personnel just cannot stop talking about how they are saving (or ruining) the world. Superheroes. Every detail. And how wives and girlfriends then tell their best friends about their charming "secret agent" American lovers!

It's easy to set up a CIA agent with a new "girlfriend". They just can't say no, married or not, especially in cold cities such as Munich or Berlin during the winter months.

Here's another myth: you cannot hack bluetooth from a distance of more than 40 metres. Not true. My technical partner Felix can crack it at over half a kilometre. Which is why he enjoys driving around so much in areas where we know British, American, Israeli or Russian ops are living or working. The great thing about many German cities is that most affordable residences are within metres of the street anyway.

Myth: the standard for wireless encryption is difficult to unencrypt. Reality: It's child's play.

Myth: only resourced intelligence agencies can run complex e-mail scaning bots and web bots with advanced pattern-recognition algorithms. Reality: The basic software technology is ubiquitous and deployment costs are minimal. The trick lies in the quality of human linguistic knowledge, so it's always a good idea to have an excellent university on hand with plenty of native language professors and students. The software is only as good as the human brains behind it. (No offence to people on this forum, but the quality of education in America does not look good for your future intelligence capabilities.)

Israel develops good web bots (check the Mossad relationship to Google and you'll never use it again) but the best linguists are the French. After 9-11, both the French and German governments offered to help the CIA and FBI with their poor quality of foreign language skills and services. Once again, America turned down that offer.

The British and Israelis are the world's best actors. MI6 gets a lot of young people who would otherwise make excellent stage or film actors. (I was stationed in England for a number of years, so I know from experience.) MI6 is first-class in establishing paper companies (fake fronts) ... But the BND excels at burning them to the ground :-) Politely, of course.

It's now 01.10 CET and I'm ready to sleep. I shall post again with some more information at around 22.00 hrs CET. Re: December 27 ... Expect "something big" ... This is it, folks

FIREBALL as it apparently has been code named, refers to a framented comet that is set to impact the Earth - beginning December 27th. There will be 3 impacts. It has been long - too long - since I last SPOKE OUT!! The pesky AstroOPS know that the public will soon get wind of this, so they are doing their best to clip thw wings of truth. Struth!!! Abso-bloody-lutely!! Impact targets unknown as trajectories and ETA's not spot on. I will SOON post separate to release what I know!..Tad more data to collect and analyze. I am fed up to the back teeth, so should upload post day after tomorrow: ~~AUSSIE BLOKE FINAL POST~~

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