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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 23 Dec 2004 13:00:00 GMT
From whatreallyhappened:
"They created a desolation, and called it peace." -- Tacitus

# I have 5 Gmail invitations. Ask, and I'll send you one. Tomorrow, I'll post them to my GmailInvitations page.

# Tim Hunkin - Illegal Engineering - an illustrated lecture on the history of safes and safe breaking. Interesting. [brad]

# Ed Frawley - What Would I Do if Attacked by a Dog? - In the light of Tim Larkin's Target Focus Training (TFT), I've wondered if similar methods would work on a dog. Here's one man's (non-TFT) opinion of how to prevent and deal with a dog attack. Most dogs won't try to attack you if you are confident and assertive enough. To deal with a trained attack dog, Mr. Frawley recommends, if dodging a lunge then striking behind the ribs doesn't work, take a bite to your leg as an opportunity to strangle the beast. Just make sure you finish the job, or the dog will continue the attack after it revives. [google]

# Kim du Toit - Next Year In Bethlehem - Mr. Du Toit thinks that "Merry Christmas" will very soon begin replacing the PC "Happy Holidays" crap. I hope he's right.

Good grief. I'm an atheist, and I'm ashamed of these ACLU pricks and the Moonbats who support them.

Next year, I want to see Nativity scenes all over the place -- including government buildings, parks and similar areas. If your local PC Nazis try to stop this, vote them out of office. Start that process now, if you have to.

It's time we took our damn country back.

# William S. Lind at Little Stalingrad - why Fallujah is the beginning of the end of Amerika's conquest of Iraq. [clairefiles]

Operationally, Fallujah, like Stalingrad, proved to be a trap. It led us to concentrate so many of our few combat troops in one place that the insurgency was able to make major gains in other, more important places. It again drew a glaring contrast between how America fights -- by pouring in firepower -- and the stated aim of the American invasion of Iraq, liberating the Iraqi people. You cannot liberate people by destroying their homes, their jobs and their cities. If operational art is the art of linking tactical actions to strategic goals, American generals have once again shown the world that they have no operational skill -- a situation that is typical of a Second Generation military. (It may be useful to remember that the American military failed operationally in the first Gulf War as well; Saddam's' Republican Guard escaped 7th Corps' slow, inept attempt at operational encirclement.)

After the first Marine assault on Fallujah in April -- an assault that was wisely abandoned, since it threatened to set off a nationwide uprising against the occupation -- Pat Buchanan said that Fallujah will probably mark the high water line of neo-con imperialism. I think the outcome of the second battle of Fallujah will confirm that prescient assessment. Just as Stalingrad marked the turning point in Fall Barbarossa, so Fallujah will go down in history as the "tipping point" in America's Last Crusade.

# William S. Lind at - Tactics of the Crescent Moon - how the U.S. could actually win in Iraq, by realizing that this is a fourth generation war and they have to attack individual enemy persons, while preserving the infrastructure and avoiding, at all costs, "collateral damage". Marine John Poole has given the answer in this book, from which this article's title was taken, but the U.S. military is unlikely to get the message. Remember, winning wars is not the goal of Amerika's oligarchy. They want eternal war to maintain eternal power and cash flow. It should really be called the "war for terror", not the "war on terror". [clairefiles]

# AP via USA Today - TSA holiday reminder: Be prepared for airport security checks - if you're planning to travel by air this Christmas season, please reconsider. Better yet, break a few TSA knees while you're there. [whatreallyhappened]

# Tor is The Onion Router, an EFF funded project to provide free anonymous network access. There are instructions for running Tor on Win32. The web site is also at I haven't tried it. [wes]

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