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From lizmichael:
Rest in Peace, United States of America
Born, July 4, 1776 - Assassinated May 10, 2005

Yesterday, May 10, 2005, a virtual declaration of war was issued against the American people with the unanimous Senate passage of the Real ID act.

I am going to take some time to prepare my remarks, which shall consist of two separate articles, one expressing my feelings about the events of the day, and two, a declaration that the union between the several states commonly known as the United States of America, is, by this act, effectively dissolved, and that we prepare the formation forthwith of new governments, under whichever constitution, new or historical, it seems most appropriate to form.

While "shooting the bastards" has absolutely been placed in play now, I do not wish the American people to engage in a random "shooting of the bastards" for its own sake. Rather, we do what free people do: we form a government, we reject all current tyrannical governments, and we back that up with force if necessary.

Liz Michael
American Citizen
Citizen of the Confederate States of America
Citizen of the Free Republic of Arizona
but no longer a United States citizen, since that country no longer exists

# Sybel Edmonds at The Mental Militia - Gagged But Not Dead - the story of everything being declared a "state secret" concerning the woman who discovered evidence repudiating the official 9/11 story while translating documents for the f.b.i. This is a mirror of the version on Ms. Edmonds' web site, There's a petition requesting that Ms. Edmonds' reports that John Ashcroft classified should be made public and that Congress should hold hearings. I pasted the following in this Claire Files thread where Elias Alias announced the linked article and petition. Elias responded, entreating me to change my mind. Maybe I will, but I doubt it.

I thought about signing her petition. Why, pray tell, does she not just release the report herself? Does she, do other people, expect to get satisfaction from Congress? Haven't people learned yet that the system is broken beyond repair, that Congress cannot provide satisfaction to any person about anything ever again? Didn't you learn that eleven years ago when they "investigated" the mass murders at Waco? Didn't you learn that when the administration destroyed the evidence at Waco, in Oklahoma City, in New York, at the Pentagon? The system is dead. Only a stinking carcas remains. Remove your support from it. Remove your trust from it. Realize that you no longer have a government, you no longer have courts, the police are your mortal enemy. Watch the bones that remain of that system crumble to dust. Rejoice! You are free!

It must be late. I just watched The Merchant of Venice. I'm babbling.

But I won't be signing any petitions asking Congress for anything. And I won't be voting, unless it be from the rooftops.

# Claire Wolfe at Backwoods Home Magazine - We're all Illegal Aliens Now - REAL ID goes to Hardyville.

The shops were shuttered on Hardyville Main Street last Wednesday. No traffic moved in the streets, though the parking spaces near the Hardyville One-Plex were full.

Despite the bright spring day, it was like being in one of those movies where a city is empty in the aftermath of a disaster. And that's appropriate. Because Wednesday was the aftermath of a disaster.

Or maybe it was the beginning of a disaster. Either way, the handful of rugged individualists who populate the mid-nowhere town of Hardyville had an emergency on their hands.

On Tuesday, May 10, 2005 America finally died.

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