Marlin Fixed!

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 08 May 2005 12:00:00 GMT
# A new Marlin 444 mainspring arrived yesterday from Numrich Gun Parts. I've been having a problem with my Marlin 444P. About one in five or six shots didn't ignite the primer on the first try. I had to cock the hammer and pull the trigger a second time to get it to fire. I've disassembled the hammer and verified that the firing pin slides freely. I finally got the idea to try a new hammer spring. Took me 15 minutes to install (only two screws had to come out). The new spring was slightly longer than the old one, likely due to not being compressed and used for two years (or maybe Marlin built it with the wrong spring). I ordered it on Wednesday, Numrich shipped it on Thursday, and I received it on Saturday (they're only about 80 miles from me). Good service! I fired twenty rounds from it at the range yesterday. All of them went bang, on the first try. Yay! My Marlin is fixed!

# Sunni Maravillosa - Open Letter to Kathleen Hiserodt Regarding LFB's decision not to carry 'The Black Arrow' - For some reason, Ms. Hiserodt thinks that Laissez Faire does not apply to human sexuality. Whyever would a book store dedicated to liberty refuse to carry one of the biggest beacons of liberty in recent memory? Sunni encourages her to change her mind. [sunni]

# Dwight M. Callaway at - The Jury, Stupid ! - why the jury is, in the words of Thomas Jefferson, "the only anchor ever yet imagined by men, by which the government can be held to the principles of it's constitution."

# Dwight M. Callaway at - Why Jury Nullifications Will Transform America - more on why it's important to educate Americans about their right and duty as jurors to judge the alleged law as well as the alleged law-breaker. Long. I only skimmed it. Lots more jury nullification articles on Freedomlaw's Justice page.

Judges are caught red-handed in a huge lie. On the fundamental question of whether or not the jury has the power to "veto" or "nullify" (in the case they are hearing) any law that violates the jury's conscience, there is no real debate possible. This is why lawyers and judges try to ignore and evade the Jury Education movement. If they enter into a public debate outside the courtroom with a well-informed, articulate and reasonably experienced Jury Educator they will be badly beaten and embarrassed, every time.

FACT: Judges may not and do not overturn a verdict of "not guilty" in criminal trials, even when the defendant freely admits he broke the "law". A "jury veto" is absolute and final. To be sure, judges will try hard to prevent a jury veto by various bluffs and subterfuges: Jury tampering "instructions"; an invalid and unenforceable "jury oath" to accept the law as written, to ignore conscience and common sense; and various other tricks. All of the judges' tricks are in fact Jury Tampering, which is a felony. To defeat a judge who would try to pressure jurors to return to the jury room and to change their verdict to guilty, (which occasionally does happen) all jurors have to do is to say to the judge: "Your honor, with all due respect, our verdict is final." Then the jurors could just fold their arms and smile at the judge!

A crime has been committed against the people by judges and lawyers. The crime continues and a cover-up is in effect. It is probably the greatest political scandal of American history. However, all we have to do to defeat the judges and the lawyers is to educate enough people about the true power of the jury.

# Jeff Cooper's Commentaries - April 2005: Torrents Of Spring - on the difference between stand-shooting and true hunting; the need for a strong & light rifle case; liberty vs. freedom; keep your group low when shooting quadruped grass eaters; Ötzi the Iceman had four discernable blood types; not necessary to start kids on a .22; volunteering for war considered a duty; a letter about election day from a Gunsite graduate now serving as an assistance division commander in Iraq; unrealized potential for a leopard light on the Steyr Scout; the US is a Christian nation; a year of evaluation necessary to form a valid opinion of the 45 short cartridge; in praise of so-called "vigilante" behavior; this year's Theodore Roosevelt Memorial [Gunsite?] Reunion is September 23-25.

# DS Miller - Sony BCG-34HUE4 15-Minute NiMH Battery Charger with Four 2500mAh AA Batteries - this looks like the best bet for my new camera. I bought a charger with some 1800 mAh batteries at Radio Shack yesterday, just so I'd have something, but it's a trickle charger. This is the fastest one I've seen, and the biggest battery capacity. $36. [google]

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