Outlaws vs. Criminals

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 09 May 2005 12:00:00 GMT
Kevin Tuma - Titanic - cartoon commentary on the coming Social Security crisis. Hehe.

# Brijot Imaging Systems - A Lockheed Martin company which is selling a system that couples a video camera with millimeter wave and software to detect weapons remotely. "Imaging a safer world," is their motto. More like "Imaging a totalitarian world." $80,000. [codrea]

# Walt Disney Pictures - The Chronicles of Narnia - the first book of C.S. Lewis' tale, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, begins December 9. Looks like they intend to do all seven. Far out! Nicely done Flash site. There's a Quicktime format trailer here. It took about five minutes to load over my DSL line. [smith2004]

# Southern Illinois Patriot League - Difference Between "Outlaws" and "Criminals" - very nice. [liberty]

An outlaw lives by a moral code, but blithely ignores absurd laws designed to suppress dissent and control private personal behavior.

I choose to be an outlaw.

There was once a time when a majority of American Citizens understood this and approved.

True, there were probably numerically more "Sheeple" ('blind/uncaring to what is going on' type citizens) residing in America at the time, but by definition one who chooses to be the subject of a ruler is not a Citizen, and of no consequence to anyone honorable.

America was a nobility-free republic -- a revolutionary creation of outlaws.

# Charley Hardman - Shut Up! - on the absurdity of claiming that stay-at-home mom's "should be making $131,471 a year... if they received a paycheck". [saltypig]

"But mothers do real labor -- labor for which they'd get paid in different circumstances!" cries the flaggelator. Well it's no different from my blog, is it? The market will not bear such an exchange under current circumstances, and current circumstances matter if the situation can't be changed. The theme they're attempting rather oafishly to inflict is that mothers are "underpaid" -- a distant cousin of the continual myth of there being a "glass ceiling" below which women remain in downtrodden captivity. There are big problems with the minds of those who write or believe such ill-considered statements. Often, such calls lead to "legislation", the generally acceptable word for "threatening to beat the shit out of you if you disagree". Beyond the violence of the thing is the untenable financial doctrine supporting it. As the US continue to the point where no decision for an individual may be made except by committee, exponential faith is placed in the childish supposition that money comes from nowhere -- literally that there is no exchange, but only lofty opinions by which to dole out "funding" (that ephemeral fiction of perpetually self-generating, ever-flowing wealth).

# Cindy Sheehan at LewRockwell.com - Name Withheld Pending Notification - a heart-felt anti-war message from the mother of a murdered soldier, murdered by the Bush administration. I'll know who to hit back at should the asswipes try to draft my son. And I will. Hard. [lew]

Somewhere there is a father in America who won't know what hit him and who won't know whom to hit back. There are brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, spouses, and children who are about to step on the path of unbearable pain and seemingly endless grief. Today there are the families and friends of three wonderful human beings who never, until now, knew that the human body could produce so many tears. Somewhere in America live our fellow citizens who never even knew that a broken heart is not theoretical or symbolic. These most unfortunates are about to find out that a broken heart hurts far worse than a broken limb, and does not heal so readily, if ever at all.


Of course, the most tragic thing about the 1579 is that not even one should be dead. Our "president" cheerfully rushed this country into a needlessly horrendous and devastating invasion. Our "president" thinks stolen elections confer a mandate. Our Congress cheerfully relinquished their Constitutional responsibility to declare war. If they had any courage or honor they would claim that right back and end this travesty. I have a feeling our mis-leaders will be having a nice day with their moms or their children on Mother's Day. As they are eating their brunches and giving and receiving bouquets of Mother's Day flowers, they probably never even think about the moms in this world that their insanely reckless policies have destroyed. It never enters their wicked brains that they have ruined Mother's Day for so many families. This is a tragedy.

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