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From saltypig:
"...with the nation at war, our intelligence services in a complete mess, as we just heard, the deficit soaring and jobs going overseas, the Senate decided the most important thing it needed to do was debate a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. The House will soon follow..." -- Bob Schieffer

# Well, I got it. Hopefully I'll get it to the range tonight. This weekend for sure. Bwoohahaaaaaaa.

# Posted by Countertop at kimdutoit, in response to a photo of Hitlary and Fuckface:


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# From Fort Liberty:

The right of the people to keep
and bear arms shall not be infringed
Hillary Priceless

# David Carr at Samizdata - Two can play at this game - Mr. Carr coins a new word. [samizdata]

Liberophobia - an irrational fear of freedom.

# Jesse Walker at Reason - Ten Reasons to Fire George W. Bush: And nine reasons why Kerry won't be much better - Why Mr. Walker may vote for Fuckface in November: The war in Iraq, Abu Ghraib, Indefinite detentions, The culture of secrecy, Patriot and its progeny, The war on speech, The drunken sailor factor, Cozying up to the theocrats, Protectionism in all its flavors, He's making me root for John Kerry. Unfortunately, Fuckface is guilty of all but the last reason. [lew]

Yet I find myself hoping the guy [Kerry] wins. Not because I'm sure he'll be better than the current executive, but because the incumbent so richly deserves to be punished at the polls. Making me root for a sanctimonious statist blowhard like Kerry isn't the worst thing Bush has done to the country. But it's the offense that I take most personally.

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