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From unknown:
"Which of Bush's policies would not make Jesus regurgitate the Last Supper?" -- Helen & Harry Highwater

Kevin Tuma - Marxist Balance - cartoon commentary on the "balanced ticket" of the democrat president/VP candidates. Hehe. - Sovereignty - cartoon commentary placing the concept of "Iraqi Soveignty" in its proper place. Hehe.

# Bhagdad before and after Iraq's "liberation". The images are from Independent Online's web site, but I couldn't find the article(s) that included them. The bottom picture appears to be about half a block back from the top one. Don't know a date for either photo. Both JPEGs are marked as being created by Photoshop 3.0. [lrtdiscuss]

# Teresa Hampton at Capitol Hill Blue - Cheney Faces Criminal Indictments - Dick Cheney may be on his way out of Washington. Couldn't happen to a nastier guy. [root]

# Doug Buchanan of Alaska Intech - Intellectual Technology - also at Recommended by Elias Alias. The web site appears to be an in-depth sales pitch for a training service. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but I intend to. Don't miss the links page. From the Introduction: [lrtdiscuss]

This technology and knowledge are not comparable to any on the market, or commonly utilized.

You will not find any internet website more valuable for advancing your mind's ability to promptly solve problems and achieve difficult goals. If you suggest otherwise, please be so kind as to inform Alaska Intech of that source so that its colleagues may question the conclusions of said source to thus advance the available knowledge and create the resulting benefit for others.

For a quantum advancement in efficiency, beyond what you can learn on your own from this site, Alaska Intech will offer a custom seminar to convey the knowledge of how to promptly resolve complex contradictions, and promptly achieve difficult or seemingly impossible goals of your interest. The related technology represents the future standard for efficient goal achievement.

No person will successfully get something for nothing. A cost of any benefit from this site is your expenditure of valuable time to read slowly and correlate the concepts offered in complex sentences and inter-dependent paragraphs. Your mind must synthesize varied concepts, easily done by reading slowly and thinking about the meaning of the words. No benefit can be offered by simplifying the sentences to attract a client, as do other consultants and think tanks, as you can readily verify. The concepts must be synthesized in your mind, whether from complex sentences associating the data within them, or separate simple sentence that your mind must more carefully associate.


(Edited Excerpt: Related Concepts: A human mind functioning under the precepts of individual curiosity, unfettered by institutional preconceptions, may or may not be interested in this material, and if interested may derive benefit from investigation. In contrast, a mind functioning under the precepts of institutional concepts will consistently react against this material, and against the expression in this paragraph, thus avoiding serious investigation and any benefit. The reaction is explainable and intriguing. This material constitutes an identifiable category of knowledge. The phenomenon of those different reactions creates the inordinate value of this arena of knowledge because it is designed for the utility of institutional leaders who react as described and thus do not investigate it. That the material is not redesigned to mitigate the verifiably adverse initial reaction of the persons for whom it is designed, secures its value, and is the only known avenue to such inordinate utility as described below. It is only the uniquely perceptive institutional leaders or their staff who will therefore gain access to said value, as their own choice unrelated to the results of another person learning and utilizing the technology. The phenomenon in part explains why persons in institutional positions consistently create the contradictions they perceive as logical while the general public just shakes their head in amazement over such obvious illogicality. That most of the general public, inherently including the aforementioned institutional leaders, commonly create their own examples of illogicality within countless conceptual institutions, without their mind recognizing the alteration of positions and thus perceptions, again illuminates the value of this material.)


Intellectual technology begins where the best institutional technology produces its net failing conclusion. Intellectual technology therefore constitutes a new arena of knowledge to the mind functioning within the institutional (organizational, governmental) context.

The common commercial arena is predicated on the concept that a resolution to a contradiction can be purchased. Consultants, lawyers and variously titled experts in specialized arenas of knowledge, and also the flawed use of money, are the related commodities. Concurrently, the institutional, organizational or governmental arena is predicated on the concept that a perceived resolution to a contradiction can be forced into existence, such as by effecting law or other forms of institutional force or deception. Armed police and armies are the more dramatic mechanisms, but lesser mechanisms are more often the effecting instruments. Both concepts of purchasing or forcing a solution are fatally flawed in relation to the functioning design of the human mind. The human mind's design, including yours and that of everyone else, is predicated on reasoning, that is, contradiction resolution process; not on force, deception or material acquisition. The mind is exclusively a reasoning device, constantly attempting to resolve each contradiction it identifies. Simply use the mind for its designed task. Force, deception and material gain present the human mind with only more contradictions it instinctively seeks to resolve, by design.
The address in the link I started this entry with is "". The ".ws" domain belongs to Somoa, a tiny island nation in the South Pacific. There is a story about repurposing ".ws" to mean "Web Site".

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