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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 08 Jul 2004 12:00:00 GMT
# Kim du Toit - New Terminology - Kim has added a new glossary entry to describe the Democrat presidential contenders: FATAC -- Fuckface And The Ambulance Chaser. Hehe. [kimdutoit]

# I'm trying out Pegasus Mail. I like that it's faster than Eudora, and completely free, and that it doesn't show images in HTML messages unless I ask it to, but I can't get the automatic filtering to work. I have to apply filters by hand. Anybody know how to fix this?

I'm getting hundred of email messages from "Sheet Metal Worker". Appears to be a new virus; it includes a .pif file. There were over 900 messages in my inbox this morning. Usually it's more like 300, and I turned off email delivery of my noisy Yahoo message groups and switched to reading them on-line.

I'm taking somebody to the airport this morning. Haven't had a run-in with the local gendarmes there yet, but you never know. [later... no problems at the airport; the sheriffs were almost invisible]

# James Bovard at The Future of Freedom Foundation - Torture as Due Process - a dire warning about the "enemy combatant" label, that the courts have agreed Bushnev is rapidly turning America into a fascist dictatorship. [claire]

After 9/11, the word of the president was supposedly the only protection that the rights and liberties of the American people needed. After 9/11, President Bush granted himself unlimited, unchecked power over anyone in the world suspected of being a terrorist. The Supreme Court, in a series of rulings on June 28, 2004, trimmed that power by recognizing that in some cases enemy combatants may challenge in federal courts the label the Bush administration imposes upon them. But the president continues to hold far more arbitrary power then he did prior to 9/11.


The Supreme Court's June 28 decisions will not end the battles over who is an enemy combatant and how much arbitrary power the president should possess. This issue remains a live wire in part because top administration officials have repeatedly said that it is only a matter of time until another terrorist attack occurs. And a second major attack could result in a round of abuses that will make the post--9/11 actions look like a law-school picnic.

# Kim du Toit - Hideaway Pistols, Part One - small handguns that you can hide about your person, either so that you have something on you when in a hurry, or as a backup to your full-size rig. [kimdutoit]

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