High-Sounding Deceit

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 06 Jul 2004 12:00:00 GMT
From The Federalist:
"Two visions of the world remain locked in dispute. The first believes all men are created equal by a loving God who has blessed us with freedom. ...The second vision believes that religion is opium for the masses. It believes that eternal principles like truth, liberty, and democracy have no meaning beyond the whim of the state." -- Ronald Reagan
"President Bush has never said that fetal stem cells cannot be used for research. He said 'federal money' cannot be used to fund such research. If leading scientists believed fetal stem-cell research would prove to be so fruitful in curing Alzheimer's, why is the private money not pouring in hand over fist? Do you realize how many billions a cure for Alzheimer's would be worth, let alone all the other cures some are claiming fetal stem-cell research would lead to? Forget Alzheimer's -- do you know how much middle-aged men would pay for a GENUINE baldness cure?" -- Ann Coulter
and [sic]:
"Long before I took my current job, I had the good fortune to work with other presidents I greatly admire. Along the way, I learned a few things about the presidency, and the kind of person it takes to do that job well. It takes the finest qualities of character: conviction, personal integrity, good judgment, compassion, and courage in times of testing for the nation. And, ladies and gentlemen, we have all of those qualities and more in President George W. Bush. I count it a privilege to serve with a president who has united our nation behind great goals -- and brought honor and integrity to the White House." -- Vice President Dick Cheney

# The Onion - Government Issues Citizens Official "Screw You" Packet - oh, wouldn't it be nice if the government were at least honest about what it does? Hehe. [saltypig]

# Sheldon Richman at The Price of Liberty - Government by Euphemism - a little more about government dishonesty. How high-sounding euphemisms hide criminal intent. [price]

Most politicians speak in almost nothing but euphemisms. Their success depends on our not translating those phrases into more honest terms. For example, when a candidate for office advocates "helping the middle class," he usually means he plans to use the mighty force of government to take money from wealthier, super-productive people in order to give it to others. No candidate has ever made a campaign promise that he intended to fulfill from his own bank account. I await the day that a candidate says, "If elected I promise to command the armed personnel of the federal government to compel those who make over a million dollars a year to surrender a higher portion of their money than they already surrender. After skimming off an appropriate amount, I will have the remainder distributed to the people whom I am counting on to vote for me."

Wouldn't that be refreshing?

# Ron Paul at LewRockwell.com - Independence From Washington - good Independence Day screed from the good doctor. [lew]

But rather than focus on where we have failed, we should stay focused on the ideal of freedom. The freedom we enjoy today is the direct result of the commitment of men and women who refused to compromise their ideals. Certainly they failed at times, but they understood that the goal was liberty. Today our government and society seem to have lost sight of this goal.

For more than six months of every year the average American toils not for his family, for his needs, or for his future. No, for the first six months of the year the average American works to pay the cost of federal, state, and local taxes and regulations. From New Year's Day until about the 4th of July, you worked to pay for government. This is unconscionable.

Our Founding Fathers no doubt would be embarrassed at our squandering of their vision. After all, they revolted at a comparable tax rate in the single digits or less. And yet we willingly suffer an effective tax rate of 50%, and much more in many cases. They tyranny of the Crown has been replaced by the tyranny of the federal government in Washington.

We are not slaves, but many feel they are indentured servants to government. And by and large it has happened with our willing consent. We have knowingly compromised our sacred liberty for temporary promises of security or false prosperity.

But it does not have to be so. We can reclaim our independence not with guns, but with our voices. We can reject creeping statism and encourage the blessings of liberty for our land. It will require work, and it will require commitment, and it will require a willingness to stand firm for our beliefs. But that is a small price to pay compared to the sacrifices made by those who founded America.

# John R. Lott Jr. And Ruth R. Smith at The New Hampshire Union Leader - Fireworks prohibitions have not made us safer - just as the statistics show that more guns mean less crime, they show that fireworks bans have little if any effect on deaths and accidents caused by fireworks. High Road discussion here. [highroad]

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