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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 12 Jul 2004 12:00:00 GMT
From smith2004, in discussion about the story going around that this year's elections may be "postponed" should there be a terrorist attack:
There will be a vote on November 2nd.

Either in the polling booth, or from the rooftops.

Their choice ...

From battlerifles.com:

"Diplomacy is saying, 'Nice doggy,' while you look for a rock." -- RobertInMaine

# Ian Spiers - Humiliated, Angry, Ashamed, Brown - Mr. Spiers took some photographs for a class, and was investigated, twice. [smith2004]

# Caleb Paul at The Libertarian Enterprise - What Happened While I Was Gone? - from Australia, that is. It became even more authoritarian than Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Singapore, that's what. [tle]

So, whenever I've had to fill out a landing/immigration card, or any other form to cross a border, which has been quite often of late, I've always filled in the section under profession/occupation as "porn star". It's a bad joke I know, but then, so is government (although one of my American friends considers the U.S. election campaign the "best sitcom on American TV" and he's probably right there).

# Vin Suprynowicz - A war of half measures - Vin doesn't necessarily believe the U.S. armed forces belong in Iraq, but as long as they're there, he thinks they should fight to win.

War is different from civilian home defense, where all involved are subject to civil laws. The contagious violence we now see in Iraq proves the ineffectiveness of this dangerously inappropriate "civil" model, which sees soldiers as "police" who can "write someone a ticket" to "give them a time-out" in the corner like a naughty child.

Do you really expect the kind of people who behead civilian captives to answer a court summons?

Once someone takes upon himself the moral responsibility for starting a war, yes, the proper tactic is to pull the troops out of any town from which friendly forces take fire after a surrender, announcing, "Your side surrendered; you have an hour to stop all resistance." Then send in a patrol in a Jeep. If the Jeep is fired upon, pull out again, and level the city -- using any means necessary. Then go to the next town. Warn them what will happen if they show any resistance. Send in a patrol in a Jeep. Repeat as necessary.

Who's going to protest? The French? The Russians? They did just this, in Germany in 1945. It worked. That was my point.

# James Fallows at The New York Times - Is Broadband Out of a Wall Socket the Next Big Thing? BugMeNot - maybe, according to Mr. Fallows. What he played with was technology to turn your house wiring into a local area network, not using the power lines on the poles outside to bring the internet into your house. [script]

# RobertInMaine at BattleRifles.com - Relax Dogmann... they work just fine! - Robert fired twenty rounds through each of the five M1A magazines that he bought from Ammoman. They worked flawlessly. Watch this thread for reports from the other guys who bought some. [battlerifles.com]

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