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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 11 Jul 2004 12:00:00 GMT
From smith2004:
"Obviously the best way to test personal defense ammo is to line up a bunch of people and shoot 'em. Any volunteers?" -- Ken Holder

# Claire Wolfe at Loompanics Unlimited - The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook is now available for $20 plus shipping. Yay! [claire]

# Rachel Lucas has decided, again, to stop blogging. [rachel]

# I installed Firefox, the new browser from the Mozilla folks. It's fast! It does the CSS on this page correctly. Tabbed browsing does what I do with Opera's multi-window mode. This is the first competitor I've seen to Opera. I'm going to try surfing with it for a while.

# I also installed Mozilla Thunderbird, an email client. It was hard to test it last night since the disk drive of my email supplier is full, likely with "Sheet Metal Worker" virus messages. It has a trainable spam filter. It would be nice to not have to train the filter in my web browser, as I do now for POPFile, assuming Thunderbird's filtering works as well as POPFile. It's definitely faster to check mail directly instead of via the POPFile proxy. On first blush, I like Thunderbird better than Eudora or Pegasus.

# I read, in a Small Arms Review article on the DSA FAL, that Wolf .308 is now available. I still haven't seen it anywhere, on-line or in a store. Checked Ammoman, Cheaper than Dirt, and Sportman's Guide. No luck.

# Ammoman - M-14 20 rounds mags - claims that you can't tell them from GI mags. Pictures look good. $90/5 or $145/10, shipped. That's $14.50 apiece. Incredible deal, if they work. There's a thread about them here. A few of the posters have ordered them. One guy got his on Friday and hopes to test them today.

# Evan F. Nappan, Attorney at Law, lives in New Jersey and will help you defend yourself against "all firearms and weapons charges" anywhere in NJ or PA. It is legal to carry a weapon through New Jersey, as long as it is locked in your trunk, but just in case some JBT searches your car without your permission (and I hope that you won't ever give your permission), and forgets this important detail, Mr. Nappan's would be a good phone number to have with you should you find it necessary to travel through NJ with a gun: 732-389-8888. Recommended by GeekWithA.45 in this High Road post. [highroad]

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