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L. Neil Smith at The Libertarian Enterprise - a warning, a proposal, and a Constitutional Amendment concerning the Obamaoists intention to disarm us. [tle]

It says here, that as a part of his wider plan to strip Americans of our weapons in anticipation of doing whatever the hell he wants to do with us (historically, it's usually been some variety of genocide), faux President Barack Obama has put his head together with that of the dictator of Mexico and several other Latin American satrapies in an effort--by treaty--to outlaw the reloading of small arms ammunition.

For those unfamiliar with the process, or who may not think it's a big deal, allow me to explain. When you fire a modern handgun, rifle, or shotgun, the firing pin of your weapon strikes a primer at the back of the cartridge--a tiny metal cup filled with material that ignites when struck a sharp blow--which causes gunpowder to burn, propelling a bullet or a cluster of shot pellets down the barrel and toward the target.

What you are left with afterward is an empty brass casing (brass and paper in the instance of shotguns) you might think a shooter would throw away. However in a rational world, shooters would be credited as the first--or at least the most serious--recyclers. Many of them scour the range assiduously for their own and others' cartridge cases, take those empty cases home, reshape them slightly, replace the dead primers, fill them up with powder, and push a new bullet into the casemouth.

Even though reloaded ammunition costs a fraction of the stuff that comes from the factories, it's often of a higher quality than factory ammunition. The most accurate ammunition in the world--fabricated specially for a kind of competition known as "benchrest"--is made by hand.

Indians, by the way, were the first reloaders. The Army created an "internally primed" variety of ammunition in a vain attempt to prevent it. Americans shoot millions of rounds of reloaded ammunition every year. Many of them wouldn't be able to afford to shoot if they didn't reload.

I guess that's Obama's whole idea--disarm the poor first.

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I'm pretty sure Obama does

Submitted by Weapons on Sun, 26 Apr 2009 23:05:40 GMT

I'm pretty sure Obama does not care who he disarms as long as it starts somewhere and ends in our total surrender.

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