Militia killing the "BORG" myth with numbers

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LibertyTreeRadio at YouTube - a video showing the quality all its own of the quantity of guns and ammo purchased recently by concerned Americans. Think you're alone in your preparations for resisting the state? Think again. You have lots of company. [tmm]

Militia-Killing the "BORG" myth with numbers.
Produced by Thousand Cuts Publishing.
Directed by Mark Gregory,, Koernke
Starring... A Cast of Millions.
So let me ask you a simple question.
How many time have you heard the BS...
Resistance is futile! You are all alone! We are sooooo small!
... and then who ever says that usually wets their pants.
Give that person a new diaper and then lets look at some facts.
Question: How many firearms were sold in the U.S.A. in the last 100 days?
How about the numbers for the year 2008?
I ask this because those numbers reflect the people voting with their wallets...
... and their lack of confidence in the system.
The controlled press has tried very hard to hide the numbers...
... and the fact that firearms sales are at record levels.
Here are the Fed purchase confirmation numbers for the last 3 months of record.
November 2008: 1,529,635
December 2008: 1,523,426
January 2009: 1,213,885
Overall sales for the year 2008 were the largest ever recorded by the Fed system.
01 JAN 08 to 13 DEC 08: 12,709,023
I would also point out that in many cases those were multi-purchase confirmations.
Read that "More than on arm purchased at the same time.
Now I will ask you another question.
What is the active force strength of China, the largest military on the planet?
Active forces of Communist China: 1,700,000 plus
By the way number two is India: 1,200,000 plus
So every 30 days for the last 3 full months...
... the people of this country have bought enough guns to outfit China or India 100%.
So tell me again how "alone" you are and how no one knows whats going on.
Now you're really going to love this.
How much ammo was sold during each of those 30 day periods?
If one case of 1000 rounds was sold based on the raw numbers presented.
..., and we know it was much higher than that, then that would mean that in DEC 08...
... in one 30 day window alone, more than 1,529,635,000 rounds were sold.
So tell me again how few of us there are and how no one knows whats going on.
The Beginning.

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