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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 26 Apr 2009 01:57:27 GMT  <== Personal ==> 

I've been meaning to go to the local pipe store for a long time. Finally did it today. Bought a cheap pipe, an extendible-neck butane lighter, and some tobacco. Had a couple of bowls today. Satisfying.

Pipe, Tobacco, and Lighter

I'm new at this. If you've got tobacco to recommend, please do.

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Submitted by Anonymouse on Sun, 26 Jul 2009 16:57:19 GMT

If you visit any of the pipe forums around, you'll get a lot of suggestions on pipe tobaccos to try... but the best suggestion I can give is to try it for yourself. Some forums will latch on to a blend and rave about it as the greatest thing since sliced bread. We've all got different tastes, so *you've* got to try it and see if it works for you, despite what crowd says. So don't feel bad if something popular doesn't work for you. There are also tobacco snobs out there who will look down on you for smoking drugstore blends or aromatic blends. It's just like wine snobbery, if you're not a wine connoisseur. Tough beans. If you like it, smoke it.

I'm still a pipe noob, have tried a number of tobacs that just don't work for me, and am still trying new ones. About the only ones I like so far are MacBarens Black Ambrosia, and Gawith & Hoggarth Top Black Cherry. There are no humectants in those two (propylene glycol, to keep it moist) so they doesn't have that funky edge to the taste. I can also recommend MacBarens Vanilla Cream if you need to please the missus. If you like the Captain Black, then search out Lane 1Q. It's a bulk version of Captain Black without the humectant that pipe shops will put their own names on. My local shop calls it "Peter Stuyvesant". It's not bad either.

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I'm with ya

Submitted by Kevin Riner on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 01:44:39 GMT

I just started smoking too and thought I would share a website with ya that's been very helpful to me.


I will agree with everything the other poster said!

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