Fourth Amendment Dead in Louisiana

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 28 Mar 2004 13:00:00 GMT
# GeekWithA.45 - YELLOW ALERT! Shields Up - warrants no longer necessary in Louisiana for "brief" searches of homes and businesses. Another stake in the heart of the fourth amendment. Repeats and comments on this NewOrleansChannel article. [geekwitha.45]
Leaders in law enforcement say it will provide safety to officers, but others argue it's a privilege that could be abused.
doc Russia's comment sums up my opinion:
IMHO, an officer should most be in fear for his safety if he does not have a warrant, and tries to enter my home.

# Mark Gilger at The News Item - No disciplinary action taken yet in strip-search incident two male Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania police officers, including the chief of police, performed strip searches in a closet of six high school girls, allegedly looking for a missing $27. Had this been my daughter, the cops in question would no longer be breathing. [root]

At last week's school board meeting, Ed and Katherine Dusendschine of Kulpmont said they were seeking justice against the people responsible for humiliating their daughter and plan to file a lawsuit against everyone involved.

After a student claimed $27 had been stolen during the gym class, Mr. Dusendschine said his daughter, who is a junior, and five other girls in the class were ordered into a closet by Geary and Hollenbush. Geary was filling in for another police officer who normally serves as a school resource officer.

At the direction of the officers, Dusendschine said Britton and Gregory conducted individual strip-searches on the six girls inside a closet. He said his daughter was ordered to remove her shoes, socks and pants. She said the search also involved checking for the money under her daughter's bra and inside her purse.

Dusendschine said no money was ever found as a result of the searches and it is unknown if any money was actually stolen.

# Gary North at - The War on Mel Gibson - commentary on the popular success of The Passion of Christ and the fright it has imbued in the tyrants who have been working to destroy western culture. Includes a link (591K PDF), active until Tuesday, to Mr. North's new book, for which he has not managed to find a publisher. Warning, Mr. North is a Christian. If you have a problem with that, don't click. [lew]

Conservatives and libertarians have fought an amazingly successful counter-attack over the last three decades in the area of economic theory. Socialists have been routed, both intellectually and politically. The Soviet Union went belly-up. In the battle of ideas, we have scored victory after victory.

In the culture war, however, we have been beaten again and again. On every front, we are surrounded by the enemy: in literature, television, and especially the movies.

Now, in a stunning reversal, Mel Gibson has handed us a victory so overwhelming that the Establishment media are in shock. They mounted a full-scale battle against Gibson, beginning almost as soon as he announced his plan to produce the movie. The Left unloaded on him with everything it had. The attempt failed. So far, the failure is in the $300 million range, and it is not yet Easter weekend. The movie has not yet opened in Europe, Latin America, and South Korea.

# Piper Precision Products - The Venom - a limited production Airsoft pellet firing machine gun. It holds up over 3000 pellets which it can shoot at 75 rounds per second. The video (4.3 meg MPG) linked at the bottom of the page shows it cutting a hole in a cardboard box. Too expensive for most of us at $2,300. [highroad]

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