Happy Spring

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 21 Mar 2004 13:00:00 GMT
# Fact Monster - The Rite of Spring: Vernal equinox occurs on March 20, 2004 - Spring actually happenned yesterday at 1:49am EST, but I always think of the twenty-first as the beginning of spring, so I'm celebrating it today. Happy Spring!

# Wild West Guns - Bushwhacker - a pistol grip .457 Magnum or .50 Alaskan short-barreled (12 or 14 inch) rifle. Also comes in .44 Magnum. Available as a takedown version. Shown below with an S&W 329. Click on the image for the full-size version at WildWestGuns.com.

Wild West Guns Bushwhacker
POR through NFA (Class 3) Dealers only.
Agencies..please contact us directly




# Silver at The Claire Files Board - Any Gathering Excitement?, Supreme Court to Hear ID Case - a response to a query of whether people are excited about Larry Hiibel's Supreme Court hearing on Monday.

What the supremes do or say is irrelevant. They are nasty old men and women who have no moral or ethical authority over any of us. Their authority comes from the point of a gun, nothing more, nothing less. They were never granted the power to determine which laws are constitutional and which are not. That power was reserved by each of us, as it must be. Only you can decide for yourself whether the latest congressional flatulence is worthy of notice. Only you can decide if the freedom their rantings inevitably diminish is worth trading for your continued happiness and prosperity. No one else can decide that, and no sane person would ever agree to let another determine what chains will be allowed to bind him or her.

Watch the show if you find it amusing. Excitement? I'd rather watch paint dry.

# Eric S. Raymond - The Myth of Man the Killer - the majority of the human race are not killers, but many non-killers can be coerced into killing by orders from the 3% who are.

There is no near-term hope that we can edit either aggression or docility out of the human genome. And the individual small-scale violence of criminals and the insane is a mere distraction from the horrific and vast reality that is government-sanctioned murder and the government-sanctioned threat of murder.

To address the real problem in an effective way, we must therefore change our cultures so that either alpha males calling themselves `government' cease giving orders to perform aggression, or our bachelor males cease following those orders. Neither Hobbes's counsel of obedience to the state nor Rousseau's idolization of the primitive can address the central violence of the modern era -- state-sponsored mass death.

To end that scourge, we must get beyond the myth of man the killer and learn to trust and empower the individual conscience once again; to recognize and affirm the individual predisposition to make peaceful choices in the non-sociopathic 97% of the population; and to recognize what Stanley Milgram showed us; that our signpost on the path away from mass violence reads "I shall not obey!"

# Jeff Cooper's Commentaries - March 2004: False Winter - SHOT show; preliminary response to the "Apollo Challenge" (20 shots in a 20-inch circle in 20 seconds at 1,000 yards); Jim West of Wild West Guns to begin manufacturing his own parts instead of getting them from Marlin; Geological Survey Department at Gunsite seeking bear protection training; advice for protection from bears: Co-Pilot, big revolver, or shotgun with proper slugs; no luck to date with leopard seal hunt in Antarctica; distressing gunhandling on hunting trips; shooting sticks considered a nuisance; Nips, gaijin, amis, goy; Gunsite no longer serving up "Safari Prep"; no cell phone Derringer at SHOT show; firearm quality control on the decline; derision from Big Apple slime for membership in NRA board of directors; amusement at concern about children's exposure to violent images; nothing heroic about suffering; how to order C Stories; John Pepper says Arabs are lousy soldiers; one enemy vanquished per soldier wins the war; more details on The Project (called the "Apollo Challenge" earlier); another paragraph on being singled out as a bad guy by hoplophobes; A10 "Warthog" serving well in Mesopotamia; movie sword fights versus reality; query on utility of the three-shot burst; on the important difference between freedom and liberty.

Let us remind ourselves again that the Second Amendment of the US Constitution should be referred to as the Statute of Liberty. That practice has not caught on, as we wish it had, so let us keep up the fight.

# Douglas Herman at Strike the Root - What Will You Do When They Come for You? - and if you stand up for your liberty, they will. [root]

Ask yourself this question: Who do you fear more, Al Qaeda or the state? Ask yourself, who caused the Al Qaeda problem to begin with, you or representatives of state? And lastly ask yourself, who never once consulted you about foreign policy in the Middle East, that crucible of the problem? If you answered the state to any or all of these simple questions, then you realize "terror" is always a manufactured crisis invented by the state. What happened on 911 was simply a spectacular reaction, as was Madrid. Terror has always been an integral part of the state and did not begin nor will it end with 911.


When the state eventually comes for you and me--for an outspoken word or act of moral courage--will we run like those fellows on "Cops," or will we confront the uniformed watchdogs of society...

# John deLaubenfels at Strike the Root - Suggestions for Healthy Living - how to fight the insane state while keeping your personal sanity, and sense of humor. [root]

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