Aussie Sword Ban

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 11 Mar 2004 13:00:00 GMT
# Jester Jones only TRAITORS talk with the feds has some interesting stickers from "the Resistance". I like the one to the right the best. [claire]

# From (some of the links are to PDFs): [claire]

The fully informed jury is the biggest and most powerful law enforcement agency in the United States. It has "absolute, non-neogtiable power to ignore laws, keep people out of prison, ignore judges and prosecutors, make any jury trial come out the way they want, and make our government honest". * My goal is to inform 1,000,000 citizens about their rights and obligations as jurors. You can help me achieve this goal.

My name is Alexander Navarro; I am a Boy Scout with Troop 13, in Queensbury, New York. I am currently working on my Eagle Project for the Eagle Scout rank, the highest rank in Boy Scouts.

A fundamental requirement of an Eagle Project is community service. JurorsRule will do this by educating people about their rights, duties, and powers as potential jurors. Such powers are not explained in the States' Jurors' Handbook, and are rarely explained by a judge during court. (See What Judges Don't Tell Juries)

# The Age - Attacks spark sword ban - starting in July, no more swords in Australia. Stupid, insane, or evil. Discussion in this Sword Forum thread. I find the participants there to be entirely too civilized (for want of a better word). I didn't post there as I doubt anyone would be able to hear if I said, "The problem with your hoplophobic legislators is easily dealt with. You have rope. Have you no lamp posts? You have swords. Have you no tree stumps?" [smith2004]

Swords will be banned in Victoria under new laws to be introduced from July.

Police Minister Andre Haermeyer today said owners of swords, which are currently listed as controlled weapons, would have to hand them into police or sell them to a dealer under the new laws.

Anyone caught in illegal possession of a sword could face up to six months in prison or a $12,000 fine.

"The Bracks government is implementing these new regulations to help Victoria Police overcome this culture of young people arming themselves with swords," Mr Haermeyer said.

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