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From liberator:
"The Oscar nominations are out. Up for best actor, Sean Penn for Mystic River. Jude Law for Cold Mountain. And George W. Bush for Iraq Had Weapons of Mass Destruction." -- Jay Leno

# William Stone, III at The Libertarian Enterprise - Why Johnny Can't Get A Job - government taxation and regulation, of course. [tle]

# L. Neil Smith at The Libertarian Enterprise - What Ever Happened to TV? - bemoans the death of nearly all good TV. Recommends writing big advertisers (list forthcoming) to tell them why you don't watch broadcast TV any more. [tle]

That leaves Enterprise, easily the best of all six Star Trek series. Set 70 or 80 years before the time of James T. Kirk, it has a cast of terrific characters, and concerns the awkward beginnings of StarFleet. No shields, no tractor beams, and everyone is terrified of the transporter. Scott Bakula is great as Captain Archer, and Jeffrey Combs is a special treat as the wiggly-antennaed Andorian commander, Shran.

Oh, yeah: Jolene Blalock. All of the rest are gone or about to go. What did these programs have in common -- aside from the fact that they were science fiction or fantasy? Simply this: each of them portrayed individual heroism as being admirable and efficacious, in a life-and-death (and sometimes life again) struggle between sharply defined good and sharply defined evil.

Also, they've been replaced by the most moronic situation comedies imaginable, by "reality" shows purposely designed to prove that we are all slobbering cretins with the morality of rabid wharf rats (and therefore fit to populate the New World Order being built for us), or by presentations where the "heroes" are statist goons of the same ilk that coldbloodedly murdered two dozen helpless, innocent children at Waco.

Exactly the same ilk.

Maybe it's a conspiracy. I worry about that a little. But maybe the people now living under the thumb of Homeland Security and the USA Patriot Act have simply given up on the wonderful future they used to see ahead of them, a future that's been stolen from them by thieving, murderous parasites like Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and both George Bushes. Maybe they don't believe in progress and a better life for their children anymore, and the TV networks have somehow detected that.

# Dave and Denise at Prison Planet - RFID Tags in New US Notes Explode When You Try to Microwave Them - after setting off the theft monitor at a store while carrying nothing but a wallet full of cash, they microwaved a bunch of new twenties. Andrew Jackson's right eye burned out of every one. I sure couldn't see or feel anything like that in one of my bills, and my microwave broke a while back, so I can't try it. Take with a grain of salt. Claire Files discussion here tagging this as a likely hoax. [whatreallyhappened]

# Alexander Van de Rostyne - Pixelito - is a tiny infrared-remote-controlled battery-powered helicopter. It weighs 6.9 grams and is about the size of a hamster. Very cool! The movie link didn't work for me. [picks]

Pixelito and hamster

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