HB1271 Defeated in New Hampshire House

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 18 Mar 2004 13:00:00 GMT
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# Fran Tully at Free West - The State Is Making an Example of ME - a summary of recent celebreties who were made to pay because they did something some gummint weazel didn't like. [lrtdiscuss]

In the past few months, a lot of folks have been shouting, "The State is making an example of me..." A few folks whose names spring to mind are Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, Melissa Rowland, Jeff (the Hunter) Jordan, Rick Stanley, and a LONG list of others have all been used by the government to teach us ALL a lesson. All have OFFENDED the government in some way that is unacceptable and they are being made examples for us all.


I believe it is high time that the PEOPLE began showing our government servants that WE are the government and THEY are the servants. They are in office to PROTECT our rights, not to abridge them.

I'm sorry I can't write about all of those who have been suffering at the hands of government to teach us ALL a lesson. These stories are growing more and more frequent every day. We need to stop government from punishing people for standing up for their rights, for speaking out, and for trying to stop a completely our of control government.

We all need to show these brave souls a little support and appreciation. They are doing time for all of us by taking the fall for all of us. If we do not stand up a support them and punish the government, we will be just as guilty as the government. Our silence and lack of support will teach ALL citizens that the price they pay is in vain, that nobody cares. Get involved; get in the fight AGAINST the police state and for a free-er America.

# New Hampshire Legislature - HB1271, "repealing the license to carry provisions of state law", was considered yesterday on the House floor. The House adopted the "Inexpedient to Legislate" recommendation of the Committee on Crime and Safety. SB454 "relative to carrying a concealed weapon without a license" is due to be considered on March 30 by the House Committee on Crime and Safety. It is due out of committee on April 29.

# Electronic Freedom Foundation - Monsters of Privacy - cute Flash animation about the government monsters who are doing their damnedest to violate our privacy. 5.6 megs. They offer profiles of the monsters (including images from the animation): CAPPS II, a.k.a. "CAPPSilla", Spyware/Adware, a.k.a. "The Fly (on the Wall)", RFID, a.k.a. "The Tattler", Terrorism Information Awareness, a.k.a. "The Living Dead", DCS-1000, a.k.a. "Carnivore", MATRIX, a.k.a. "Agent Smith", USA PATRIOT Act, a.k.a. "The Eye of Sauron", Data-mining, a.k.a. "The Mole", CALEA for VoIP, a.k.a. "The Snitch", FISA, a.k.a "The Thug".

We want a free new world...
We'll route around those carnivores...

# John Samples at The CATO Institute - The Beginning of the End of McCain-Feingold - the democrats, who passed the Incumbent Protection Act because they thought it would give them an advantage in fund raising, are discovering that the raise in hard-money limits that they traded for an end to soft money is working against them. Hehe. Mr. Samples supports Roscoe Bartlett's "First Amendment Restoration Act", H.R. 3801, which would partially repeal McCain-Feingold.

# Jeff Quinn at GunBlast - High Noon Concealment Holsters - two concealed carry holsters from High Noon Holsters, an inside the waist band holster for small revolvers & medium to large autos and a pocket holster for small autos & revolvers.

While the cheap nylon inside the pants holsters will carry a gun, they allow it to shift around while carrying, and you pretty much have to unfasten your pants to re-holster the weapon. If you cinch your belt down tight enough to keep the gun from shifting, then your pants can fall down after you remove the gun, which can be quite embarrassing. The Tail Gunner is a totally different holster. It is built from quality stiff horsehide that securely holds the weapon, while allowing easy one-hand re-holstering of the weapon. The horsehide is rough-side-out, which helps to keep the holster from shifting. That which separates the Tail Gunner from other high quality inside the pants holsters is what High Noon calls the stabilizer wing. The wing is a section of leather to the rear of the holster which serves to hold the butt of the gun in tighter against the body, aiding both concealment and stability.


The problem with most pocket holsters is that they come out of the pocket with the gun, which can make for an awkward moment if the gun is needed in a hurry. The Pocket Grabber solves this problem, leaving the holster in the pocket when the gun is drawn, and also allows easy re-holstering of the weapon after the situation is resolved. For small revolvers and autos, I like pocket carry. It is very natural to stick your hand into your front pants pocket. If a dangerous situation seems to be possible, you can casually place your hand on your weapon, and no one is suspicious.

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