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From kaba:
"Anyone conscientious enough to use a trigger lock doesn't need it, and anyone who isn't wouldn't use it." -- Paul Kelly, Denver Post
"Fear of death will not prevent dying, but it may prevent living." -- Anonymous
"The recidivism rate for dead rapists is virtually zero!" -- Redneck
"Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else." -- Frederic Bastiat

# I took a medical care survey at There was an essay question asking, "In your own words, what do you feel are the biggest health issues facing our country?" I answered:

The biggest health care problem our country has is the existence of the FDA, the DEA, Medicare, and Medicaid. Get rid of these agencies, raze their buildings to the ground so that not one stone is left standing on another, and spread salt on the ruins. In the absence of government theft and regulation, quality medical care will once again be affordable to all.
They asked, "In your own words, what do you feel are the biggest issues facing our country?" I answered:
Government is our biggest problem. It steals our money and imprisons us for victimless "crimes". The following must be completely eliminated:
  1. Taxation
  2. The war on some drugs
  3. Victim disarmament laws (gun laws)
  4. Legislation creating a "crime" out of any behavior that does not directly harm a person or steal or damage their property
  5. Licensing, registration, and permit requirements, including medical and driving licenses and concealed carry permits
To summarize, we must abolish every gun law, every tax law, every drug law, every licensing and registration law, every sort of "crime" law that was not part of the common law a hundred years ago.

Said another way, the very concept of the state must die.

# GeekWithA.45 - Public Service Announcement - practical advice on surviving a terrorist attack. [geekwitha.45]

Rudimentary Tactics


Motion is the ONE THING that can save your life.

Your objective is to MOVE, neutralizing any threat in your path, until you are clear of the danger area.

Get into motion immediately, and do not stop, except briefly to take a shot. (Shooting on the move is for experts)

Move laterally relative to the bad guy with the gun. That makes you 100% harder to hit. Moving directly towards or directly away from a gunman only makes you a larger or smaller target, and easy to hit. Moving at an angle from the gunman makes you 50% harder to hit. Standing still makes you dead.

If you find that you are standing RIGHT NEXT TO a terrorist, slip behind him, and grapple if it makes sense to do so. It probably will.

David Rose at The Observer - Revealed: the full story of the Guantanamo Britons - more on the torture of British citizens in Amerika's gulag in Cuba. [grabbe]

Ahmed described an interrogation session which took place before he left Afghanistan by an officer of MI5 and another official who said he was from the Foreign Office: 'All the time I was kneeling with a guy standing on the backs of my legs and another holding a gun to my head.

'The MI5 says: "I'm from the UK, I'm from MI5, I've got some questions for you," he told me: "We've got your name, we've got your passport, we know you've been funded by an extremist group and we know you've been to this mosque in Birmingham. We've got photos of you."' In fact, none of these claims was true.

The three men said that as far as they could see, there were few if any genuine terrorists at Guantanamo Bay: perhaps at worst, a few mullahs who had been loyal to the Taliban.

# James Robert "Cotton" Hildreth at The Memory Hole - Colonel Recalls Being Ordered to Napalm Entire Village in Vietnam - there were at least a few honorable soldiers in Vietnam. [lew]

# Joseph P. Tartaro at Gun Week - Taurus Withdraws From 'Smart Gun' Partnership in NJ - for the wrong reasons, however. [gunweek]

Taurus International Manufacturing Inc. announced on Feb. 13 that it was withdrawing from the short-lived partnership with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and the Australian firm Metal Storm LTD to develop and produce a handgun with user recognition technology.

"Due to overwhelming interest in the 13 new products we introduced this year, Taurus personnel will not have the time to adequately pursue development of such technology in the immediate future," Bob Morrison, executive vice president of Taurus, told Gun Week.


In announcing the withdrawal during the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas in February, Morrison said that Taurus wished NJIT and Metal Storm well in their continued joint efforts for a workable user recognition technology. He also indicated that Taurus might review its position at some future date.


One thing is clear from all sources, a marketable version of a handgun that recognizes its authorized user is at least two years away and probably quite a bit longer.

# Edgar J. Steele - Respect - Mr. Steele and his fellow historical revisionists (usually pronounced "anti-semite") don't get no respect. They're having a conference in Sacramento on April 24-25. I won't be there.

# MDM Group - ShockRounds "is a non-lethal ballistics technology that disables targets through electrical discharge. The technology is controlled by MDM Group, Inc. (MDDM.PK), an advanced technologies research and development company that has entered into a sale agreement with Australian listed, Harrington Group Limited (HGR.AX), whereby MDM Group will have a strategic controlling interest in HGR.AX and ShockRounds will then be funded and commercialized by HGR:AX." From the overview page: [stanleyscoop]

In a manner similar to stun guns and "Taser"(NasdaqSC "TASR") technology, a ShockRounds™ bullet discharges an electrical shock upon impact and disrupts the nervous system. It incapacitates the target immediately, although temporarily, via electric shock. ShockRounds™, however, are more versatile and have more applications than any other products currently marketed. For example, the ShockRounds™ rubber bullets can totally incapacitate a target at 100 metres, whereas traditional rubber bullets are largely ineffective at their maximum range of about 40 metres. Further, ShockRounds™ rubber bullets are not restricted to close range use as is the case with stun guns and products such as the "Taser" gun which is limited to around 12 metres as well as requiring a direct wire to the target.


Rubber bullets are an increasingly common method of incapacitation and behavior modification employed worldwide. They are usually effective and generally non-lethal. However, according to Professor Michael Krausz and colleagues at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel, who analyzed the medical records of casualties admitted to hospital during Israeli-Arab riots in October 2000, firing the types of rubber bullets that are currently used on civilians makes it "impossible to avoid severe injuries to vulnerable body regions such as the head, neck and upper torso, leading to substantial mortality, morbidity and disability... New types of ammunition with less force of impact than those currently in use are urgently needed."

This issue is currently a hot political topic, and there is no solution currently available. Police and security forces need weapons to control crowds and individuals, and these weapons all share one problem: They depend upon blunt force inflicting pain, but have a real and serious possibility of severe bodily harm or death associated with their use.


ShockRounds™ use what is known as the "piezoelectric effect" to generate a high voltage charge. This is accomplished with PZT Ceramic crystals.

# Jeff Quinn at Gunblast - BFR .50 Beowulf Revolver - a report on shooting the first BFR revolver in this Alexander Arms caliber. I get probably 1800-1900fps with a 300 grain projectile from my Marlin 444P, so this is very impressive indeed for a handgun. [gunblast]

Velocity testing was done over a PACT chronograph at a distance of twelve feet. Velocities from the seven and one-quarter inch barrel were as follows:

BulletVelocity (fps)
334 grain JHP1619
325 grain JHP1741
334 grain JFP1671
400 grain JFP1355


Shooting the .50 Beowulf BFR was pleasurable, with one exception. While the recoil was stout with this gun, the rubber grips did a great job of cushioning the blow to the palm. However, I would like for the trigger guard to be a bit larger. Upon firing, the inside front of the guard would slam into my trigger finger, and it just plain hurt, even while wearing thin leather gloves. If the front of the guard were moved forward about another quarter of an inch, this should alleviate the problem. This might not be a problem for all shooters, but for me, it was. If this were my gun, I would simply remove the front of the trigger guard, making this a very comfortable big bore revolver to shoot.

# UnderCoverComfort - Optimum Tactical Performance Apparels - shirt and pants holsters, tactical sweatshirt, kevlar T-shirt. [kaba]

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