Afghan Massacre: Convoy of Death

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# Dave Barry at The Miami Herald - Death, taxes, airline food - Hehe. [rrnd]
April 15 is lurking around the corner, so if you haven't yet filed your federal tax return, it's time to set aside a few hours, gather together your financial records, and flee the country.

Or, if you like to ''walk on the wild side,'' you can stay here and attempt to do your taxes. As usual, there are some ''new wrinkles'' in the tax laws this year, to guard against the danger that some taxpayer, somewhere, will actually understand them.

# Jamie Doran via Pacifica Radio at Information Clearing House - Afghan Massacre: Convoy of Death - text and RealPlayer video of a U.S. military atrocity, documented by an Irish filmmaker. [whatreallyhappened]

The film provides eyewitness testimony that U.S. troops were complicit in the massacre of thousands of Taliban prisoners during the Afghan War.

It tells the story of thousands of prisoners who surrendered to the US military's Afghan allies after the siege of Kunduz. According to eyewitnesses, some three thousand of the prisoners were forced into sealed containers and loaded onto trucks for transport to Sheberghan prison. Eyewitnesses say when the prisoners began shouting for air, U.S.-allied Afghan soldiers fired directly into the truck, killing many of them. The rest suffered through an appalling road trip lasting up to four days, so thirsty they clawed at the skin of their fellow prisoners as they licked perspiration and even drank blood from open wounds.

Witnesses say that when the trucks arrived and soldiers opened the containers, most of the people inside were dead. They also say US Special Forces re-directed the containers carrying the living and dead into the desert and stood by as survivors were shot and buried. Now, up to three thousand bodies lie buried in a mass grave.

The film has sent shockwaves around the world. It has been broadcast on national television in Britain, Germany, Italy and Australia. It has been screened by the European parliament. It has outraged human rights groups and international human rights lawyers. They are calling for investigation into whether U.S. Special Forces are guilty of war crimes.

# Vin Suprynowicz at The Las Vegas Review-Journal - Air-drop them on the Rat Islands - more advantages of eliminating every law passed since 1912.

# Reuters via The Taipei Times - Marches mark war anniversary - last Saturday. A million in Rome, 25 thousand in London, "tens of thousands" in New York City. [rrnd]

# New York City Indymedia - On One Year Anniversary of Iraq War, Tens of Thousands Call For an End to the Occupation - Photos, videos, and commentary on Saturday's protests. I found the discussion at Arrest at 33rd and 6th ave. to be interesting. It also contains links to two videos of police in San Francisco.

# Daily Times Monitor (Pakistan) - Whistleblower: US tried to plant WMDs - Nelda Rogers, a retired Navy Lt. Commander, revealed a failed plan by the c.i.a. to plant weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. One of the articles sources was, so take it with a grain of salt. [rrnd]

# Sam Cohen at - Gun Owners' Frustrations Communicated to the Bush Campaign - they communicated, but there's no evidence here that they were heard. [kaba]

The most telling statement of the whole meeting came from the chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, a man universally admired and respected. He noted that the people in the room represented different organizations, and not everyone fully supported the causes of the others -- but EVERYONE, in ALL the conservative organizations, shared the common cause of supporting the Second Amendment.

# Pierre Lemieux at Le Québécois Libre - The Running Dogs of the State - keeping the mad dogs of the state in check in Quebec. [lrtdiscuss]

There are two very naïve ideas running around, which the whole history of mankind contradicts. One is that people can have their rights protected if they are not willing to fight for them -- and I mean to fight, like against mad dogs. The other naïve idea is that an individual can hope to have his rights respected by other people even if he is not willing to help them protect theirs.

# Andy Geller at The New York Post - Qaeda Has Nukes, Says Bin Laden's No. 2 Man BugMeNot - suitcase nukes from "disgruntled Soviet scientists". [trt-ny]

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