Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 27 Mar 2004 13:00:00 GMT
Steve Sack at Marc Brands Liberty - Hamas Leader Killed - cartoon commentary on the ramifications of killing the head snake of a terrorist organization. Hehe. [smith2004]

# Carl Watner at voluntaryist.com - Voluntary Resistance - a good expression of Voluntaryist philosophy. Non-violent, but not pacifist. Civilized anarchism. Me like 'em. [root]

Some anarchists and libertarians argue that the use of force, as in the American Revolutionary War, is justified. Voluntaryists have no qualms about the use of force in self-defense, but since they see State control as essentially an issue of legitimacy, they ask: "How can the idea of legitimacy be attacked with force?" It is possible, although most present governments have armaments and military weapons far superior to those available to the insurgents, that we might rid ourselves of a particular government by resorting to violence. Yet, even if a small, powerful minority were successful in abolishing such a government by violence, how would this affect the larger majority of people who still believed in the legitimacy of the State? State legitimacy will only be destroyed when sufficient numbers of people come to view government actions in the same moral light as that of the individual. If this moral leveling is not brought about, if this delegitimization is not accomplished, then violent revolution must inevitably fail, even if it were successful in battle. The destruction of State legitimacy must precede the advent of violent revolution, and when that has occurred, violent revolution will be unnecessary. Under, any other circumstances, violent revolution will only result in the replacement of one government for another.

# Strike the Root - Bob Murphy's Columns - chapters 1-23 of Mr. Murph's novel, Minerva are now available for your reading pleasure.

# Ken Goze at The Barrington Courier-Review - Gun legislation moves forward in Springfield - a little sanity in the Chicago area. If this bill passes, using a gun in self defense will not get you arrested because you own the gun illegally. [geneice]

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