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From stanleyscoop:
"That the sole object and only legitimate end of government is to protect the citizen in the enjoyment of life, liberty, and property, and when the government assumes other functions it is usurpation and oppression." -- Section 35, Alabama Constitution of 1901

From kaba:

I am tired of seeing people get attacked for speaking the truth and the hecklers not being able to prove their point other than scorn or ridicule. Liberals can't refute the truth so all liberals instead attempt to make the truth bearer into a buffoon hoping to draw the public's attention away from the message! I will tell you a secret and I hope that you learn from it! If I hear something being debated pertaining to a subject that I am not cognizant of, therefore impartial, I examine the manner of the debate and conduct. I know who is telling the truth and who is lying by the tactics employed - the liar always attacks the opposing person and the truth teller always attacks the opposing premise! What great person or debater has ever proven their point by ridiculing people? Did Jesus use this method? Who has ever used ridicule other than those who can't refute the truth, such as what the Pharisees did to Jesus? Truth is never defended with ridicule. Facts speak for themselves. -- "Doc" Tavish

Jeff Head - Dragon's Fury - The Long March, volume IV of Mr. Head's World War III series, is now available for $11.69 (not $12.99) in Adobe eBook format. Microsoft eBook and trade paperback ($19.99) coming. In order to download the eBook, I had to activate my copy of Adobe Reader 6.0 ("Tools/eBook Web Services/Adobe DRM Activator" on the Adobe Reader menu bar) and use Internet Explorer; it didn't work in Opera. Looks like my weekend is booked (pun intended). The book begins with the execution of David Krenshaw for treason. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

Ty England - Travelin' Soldier - I heard this song on the radio yesterday morning in my car shortly before arriving to work. At the end of the first verse, my eyes became filled with tears. I almost had to pull over because my vision got so blurry. This page has the lyrics (with some typos). You can listen to part of it (if you have Windows Media Player) on Let Freedom Ring. The Dixie Chicks also sing this song. As does Bruce Robison, but Ty England's rendition is the one I heard yesterday.

A reader sent me the letter (s)he wrote to the principal of Goose Creek High School. (S)he signed the letter to him, but asked me to print only initials here. I am honoring that request.

Mr. Mc Crackin,

I think it is an outrage that you would authorize something as volatile and inexcusable as the display I saw captured by your school camera system. These are children that you deal with, not convicted murderers or rapists. I think that as a School Administrator you should be ashamed that you didn't practice any more decorum and diplomacy in the situation. That being said, have you any idea how many civil liberties you violated with the authorization of that stunt. You might as well get ready because you and the entire school district will have to answer for this show of blatant incompetence and that will be done with lawsuits and compensatory damages. Might I also remind you that this is a free country, not a police state. That even in the event any of these students were found with drugs they would still have to go before a court to be found guilty. That duty is not allotted to you or the local police force. Historical fact should have told you that a raid of this caliber was unnecessary. Was there any reason to believe that these kids would have had weapons and if so what does that say about your school system letting children bring guns into a class room. If I may Sir, you and those like you are the reason that so many children turn to drugs and crime. If there Principle can't even set an example for them, then who will. Parents, teachers, police officers, firefighters our own politicians. These are the people that should be leading by example. The only example that you and the local police force have set is that those with the most power get the respect. Your no better than a common street thug abusing orchestrating a violent retaliation on those that you thought may have been involved with drugs. None of you had any hard proof that these kids did anything wrong and yet you proceeded with unimaginable force. The most disgraceful thing that I have seen throughout this entire case is your support of the action taken by the officers. That my dear Sir, will be your downfall. I am sorry that this had to happen, I am sorry that you and your family will have to be subjected to such scrutiny and most of all I am sorry that you will have to answer to yourself and your creator of the actions that you took that day.

I will pray for you and your family in this hard time, May God give you the strength to get thought this tough time. Peace be with you.

With the utmost sincerity,

Dave Workman at Gun Week - 'Open Carry' Demonstrations Continue in Ohio Communities - When the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that their Constitution did not support concealed carry, Ohio's Brady Bunch contingent got a little more than they thought they were asking for. Gun owners are staging open carry demonstrations, "peace walks". With significant police support. Hehe.

As Gun Week has previously reported, some individuals have started carrying openly, not so much to make a personal statement, but because they want to demonstrate they can exercise a right without incident. Retired Cincinnati police Lt. Harry Thomas, a former member of the National Rifle Association board of directors, has been carrying a Colt Single Action revolver on daily errands, and so far, he has yet to experience any trouble.

The Lorain demonstration on Oct. 19 drew about 70 participants, including women and children. A march the same day in Manchester was led by Police Chief Randy Walters. About 100 marchers walked through downtown Swanton in that event, according to Chad Baus with Ohioans for Concealed Carry.

Thomas attended the Manchester event, and said it was the most incredible thing he has so far witnessed in this unfolding campaign.

"I get out there," he described, "and this place is lousy with cops, in uniforms and with cars. And, I'm thinking that I know in this town there cannot be a single house without a gun in it, so I know there's not going to be any protest. Then I see the police chief, in uniform, with a bunch of his officers, and they went with us. There were off-duty police officers from another town in plain clothes, wearing their gunbelts."

Charley Reese at - Dumb, Dumber And Dumbest - Mr. Reese appropriately names the position of most urban liberals on firearms. [lew]

It is dumb to suppose that the way to decrease crime is to make sure all potential victims of violent crime are disarmed. It is dumber yet to believe that a criminal will obey a gun-control law. No bank robber or rapist has ever set out and then stopped and said, "Gosh, I don't have a permit for this weapon, so I guess I'd better not rob that bank or rape that girl." No serial killer has ever said: "Gosh, I can't kill this person with an unregistered weapon. That would be against the law."

The dumbest idea is to suppose that an inanimate object can turn a noncriminal into a criminal. To believe that guns cause crime is as stupid as believing that hammers and saws cause houses. It is the grossest kind of mindless superstition to suppose that some magical qualities of an inanimate object can overpower the human will.

A gun is neither a romantic nor a sinister object. It is just a plain tool, like a hammer, a saw or a router. It can be used for recreation, and it can be used for self-defense. Like a chain saw, it can hurt its owner if the owner is careless or stupid. But the modern firearm is inherently safe. The gun cannot load itself or fire itself. Properly stored and used, it is safer than a stepladder or a swimming pool or an automobile. It is even safer than eating.


Furthermore, when I married, I assumed the responsibility for the safety of my wife and children. I was never willing to bet their safety on the possibility of my skills in unarmed combat overcoming an intruder. I suppose it comes from my Celtic blood, but when it comes to defending those I love, I'll kill any number of people to keep them safe, and I have always made it my business to have the means of doing so at hand. I gave up fair fights in the second grade. I have seen too often with my own eyes what psychopathic scum can do to innocent human beings. To use Mr. Donald Rumsfeld's style of speaking, do I trust human beings? No.

The Founding Fathers of our country, as politically incorrect as it might be to say so, were revolutionaries who had to use violence to overthrow tyrannical rule. They wrote the Second Amendment not to make sure people could go duck hunting, but to make sure that they would have the means, if necessary, to overthrow tyranny again. The meaning of the Second Amendment is clear to all but those who hate the idea of a free people. It states that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." It does not say members of the militia or policemen or soldiers. It says the people, and it means every individual American citizen in this God-blessed land, whatever shyster lawyers have to say notwithstanding.

Stanley Scoop - Situation Notification - Rick Celata - the proprietor of Kristi Tool & Ordnance in Sanbornville, New Hampshire, may be facing eviction from his property for doing business out of it without permission of the town. This is not yet a militia alert, but could become one.

Stanley Scoop - HIGH ALERT - Dottie Lafortune - a militia alert is imminent to protect Dottie Lafortune. Members are being asked to prepare their equipment. We may find out soon how serious Mr. Stanley's militia members are.

John T. Kennedy at No Treason Blog - (The) Man's Best Friend - police dogs are routinely used to produce probable cause for warrantless search out of thin air. The drug war and automobile exceptions to the Fourth Amendment. Legislation from the bench.

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