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From outdoorsbest:
"Ever wonder what it was like riding nighthawk for a bunch of storm-spooked stock, or squinting over the sun-baked pan for a sign of danger, or ponder the gut-twisting fear, facing an outlaw across a few feet of saloon floor, hand poised above the handle of a pistol? You must pick up a cap & ball revolver and learn its secrets, for the story cannot be told any other way!" -- Dan Chamberlain

From kaba:

It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error. -- Justice Robert H. Jackson

From highroad:

It's mandatory to remember there is a difference between carrying a handgun and fighting with a handgun. So you know, the issue is not whether or not you have a gun. Every police officer I know of who was killed in the line of duty had a gun with them. Having a gun with you in a fight may not be the ultimate criteria. Having a handgun with you you have confidence in, and can effectively fight with and win with, is the key. -- Clint Smith
"[A] man is a dangerous thing. So is a scalpel. It can wound or it can save your life. You don't make it safe by making it dull; you put it in the hands of someone who knows what he's doing." -- John Eldredge

Horsey at Marc Brands Liberty - Jihad Recruiting - cartoon commentary on the effect the war on Iraq is having on military recruiting. Hehe. [smith2004]

Wayne Hicks at Sierra Times - LibertyDollarVille: Where The Revolution Has Begun! - Mr. Hicks's town in northwest Arkansas has a regular circulation of Liberty Dollars. They are beginning to decouple their economy from the Fed. [sierra]

LibertyDollarVille is the new, promotional name of this historic town (it was burnt not just once during the civil war, but twice; once by each side!), and Berryville wears that name with pride! For, you see, here in LibertyDollarVille, we know one thing for sure: if you want to put the government back under the control of the People, then the first step has to be getting the money out of the control of the government, and since we are now able to use real, Silver-backed Liberty Dollars-- instead of Federal Reserve Debt Notes-- we're already on the road to re-securing our freedoms!

Jeff Cooper's Commentaries - October, 2003: Hunting Season - the best time of the year; the importance of being always armed in the Middle East; Scout rifle considered friendly in the field; "A man cannot have too many books, too many wines, or too much ammunition"; four clean one-shot stops in a row = a very dangerous rifle; the "eyes-off" drill; the difference between Sweden and the Phillipines, graphically illustrated; gun training should begin at home; don't mess with the Color Code; BATF->Justice = more harrassment of law-abiding gun owners; British recruits quitting to avoid being yelled at; recommendation on loads and shooting of the 376 Scout ("Dragoon"); put the classroom close to the firing line; proper ammunition for the 45 ACP cartridge; the essence of liberalism is fear; good government depends on good manners; no winner yet in the Osama bin Lottery; right hand and left eye works fine for practical pistol shooting; Die Gedanken sind frei!; gratified with the success of The Art of the Rifle; metallic sights, ghostring rear, good for dangerous game; expensive guns worth the price; what is wrong with conservatives?; rifle butt stroke effective in the great wars, but of doubtful utility with today's "squirt gun"; "there is no legal separation between church and state in this country"; next US Olympic Archery shoot-off may be decided by a J-ladder; TR Memorial Reunion, October 17-19.

Reports keep coming back from the front to the effect that our people in greater Arabia may be classified into those who have a 1911 and those who wish they had - or have we already said that?


It must be emphasized that no mechanical safety lever or device should be trusted on any weapon. In proper hands any firearm is probably safer without any sort of safety catch, since it will be treated with due respect... Guru say: "Forget the safety and use your head."


It may be that the loser looks to the state for protection against the winner, and only eventually discovers that he has identified the wrong enemy.

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - Economic Woes Begin at Home - instead of brow-beating China over their economic policies, the U.S. Congress should clean their own backyard.

Many in Washington are concerned about the loss of jobs in our nation's manufacturing sector, but few seem to understand the role Federal Reserve currency manipulation plays in that loss. The economic problems currently facing this country are the direct result of a boom-and-bust cycle caused by inflationary Fed policies. An open debate on monetary issues therefore is long overdue.


... As long as the Fed can print money at will and set interest rates, the value of our dollars will be subject to the whims of politicians and the perceived economic needs of politically powerful special interests.


Instead of promoting global economic government, Congress should reform those policies that reduce our manufacturers' competitiveness. Recently, a prominent financial journalist visited with businessmen who are launching new enterprises in China. When he asked them why they chose to invest in China, they answered: "It is so much easier to start a business in China than in the United States, especially in places like Massachusetts and California."

Greg Jeffery at Armed Females of America - "Assault Weapons Ban" - why we must remain vigilant to avoid renewal of the "assault weapons" ban. [kaba]

Many in the gun owning, civil rights community are feeling rather confident right now that the misguided 1994 legislation will expire.

I do NOT share that confidence. Here is why.

What most seem to have missed during the current debate is that the House did NOT pass an AW Ban BILL in 1994. The STAND-ALONE Assault Weapon Ban bill debated in the House was not enacted into law. So how did we get the ban?

It was attached as an AMENDMENT to that federal beast that gobbles up huge chunks of our money and liberty... the OMNIBUS BILL. In 1994 it was the OMNIBUS CRIME BILL.

We in Missouri remember all too well that the amendment that attached the AW Ban was successful, and that the overall OMNIBUS CRIME BILL was then successfully passed because "there is too much good in the overall bill to vote no" just because it contained the AW Ban.

Jeff Quinn at Gunblast - Hunting Russian Boar with Savage's New AccuTrigger Muzzleloader - 250 grain bullets at speeds approaching 3000 feet per second and the best factory trigger in the market.

Army Technology - Corner Shot™ - 'Makes Tight Corners An Advantage'™ - a device that holds a semi-auto handgun for shooting around a corner. A camera is the "sight", transmitting images to a video monitor on the safe side of the corner. Doesn't seem to me that this would be all that hard to build at home. Click on the pictures in the right-hand column for larger versions. [claire]

Sold only to law enforcement agencies and security forces.

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