Men Just Wanna Make Babies

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 30 Oct 2003 13:00:00 GMT
Eric Raymond - What Planet does Naomi Wolf Live On? - Naomi Wolf claims that porn can make a man less interested in the real thing. I loudly second Mr. Raymond's comment on this: "Bull!" Porn is only interesting if you're not getting laid tonight. Rassling a live nude girl is always more exciting. Men just wanna make babies.

Larry Pratt at American Daily - Another Gun Ban Needs To Expire In Peace - Mr. Pratt informs Edward Kennedy of the absurdity and utter uselessness of Mr. Kennedy's proposed ban on non-existent plastic guns. [firearmnews]

"Sen. Kennedy's ban on plastic guns sends the wrong signal, as does the claim that such actions will keep us safe from terrorists. Rather than banning non-existent guns, the Senator should join forces with those trying to get the Transportation Safety Administration to arm pilots. This will do more to stop terrorists than would the Senator's anti-gun posturing.

"We do not need a false sense of security which is the only benefit of passing gun control legislation. We need an armed people able to defend themselves. That is true homeland security," Pratt said.

Doug Hagin at Sierra Times - Attacking Self Defense - on the gross injustice of putting Tony Martin in prison for defending his home. Mr. Martin should never have been indicted. He should have been given a medal and encouraged to shoot both burglers should his home be broken into again. [firearmnews]

Imagine waking in the middle of the night to sounds of your home being broken into. You are alone, with the nearest neighbor several hundred yards away. You remember the several times in the recent past your home has been burglarized, and your safety and security violated. Fearing for your life you load your shotgun and prepare to protect your life and property.

Carefully and quietly you descend the stairs to confront the criminals who have invaded your home, your castle. Your heart pounds as you move closer where the burglars are, suddenly a light is flashed into your eyes by one of the burglars. Fearing for your very life raise your gun and fire. Now imagine not only being charged with a crime for protecting yourself, but imagine being convicted and sentenced, to life in prison!

John Walker at Fourmilab Switzerland - The Digital Imprimatur: How big brother and big media can put the Internet genie back in the bottle - I haven't read this yet, except to skim the beginning, but it looks worth reading. Long. [claire]

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