High Noon in Merry Olde England

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From libertyforum:
"A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine." -- Thomas Jefferson

Claire Wolfe - Seven Myths of Gun Control - a glowing review of Richard Poe's Seven Myths of Gun Control (paperback, $11.20 or hardcover, $16.77).

Poe simply demolishes the seven named myths in clear, vivid language that could reach even your anti-gun Aunt Maud. Since these myths are the most common ones promoted by the disarm-us crowd ("guns increase violent crime," "the Second Amendment is obsolete," "we should license guns the same way we license cars," etc.), the book is especially effective.

David Carr at Samizdata - High Noon - the British government is nearing the enactment of a law banning hunting with dogs in England. The bunting community is planning civil disobedience. Good for them. [picks]

Having failed in their appeals to reason, common sense and principle, the hunters are still threatened with a government prohibition that will eradicate a centuries-old tradition and the way of rural life that has grown up around it. They are being 'run out of town' for no better reason than that they are perceived as an easy target for a government that wants to score cultural 'brownie points' with the metropolitan elite.

So the hunters have decided that they are not going to be such an easy target after all. I do not see what else they can do. It is fight or die and they have chosen the former:*
The Declaration is an opportunity for those who support the freedom to hunt to demonstrate to the public, press, Peers, parliamentarians and the Government that we will never accept unjust law. Critically, it aims to convey in an unambiguous way that enough people are committed to either refusing to accept any law that comes into effect (if it does) that any such law would be unenforceable and so fail.
While the language is temperate, the intention is unambiguous: they intend a campaign of civil disobedience. It is an open and explicit challenge to the authority of the British government. What started as protest has become insurrection.

Publicola - What would a literal interpretation of the 2nd Amendment mean? - good overview of why belt-fed machine guns, hand grenades, and stinger missiles would be available over the counter in the hardware store if the United States truly honored the Founders' intentions in including the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights (well, maybe not stinger missiles, but only because they're too expensive for there to be enough of a market for most hardware stores to carry them). [publicola]

The primary purpose of the 2nd amendment was to ensure that the citizenry would never be disarmed & helpless should a government, foreign or domestic, attempt to enslave or kill them. As such it was meant that the average citizen should be able to possess the arms typical of the common soldier that he/she might have to face. In the 1770's that meant, but was not limited to, a musket & bayonet. In the 1870's that would have expanded to include a lever action repeating rifle & in the 1970's that would mean an M16 (although I would argue that any ten rednecks I know armed with Garands could equal 100 regular troops armed with M16's any day of the week & twict on Sund'ys). In 2070 this might mean the phaser rifles of Star Trek fame. But the founders' intent was clear: the people should be able to be armed equal to or better than the average professional soldier.


So while some cringe at the idea of common citizens owning weaponry fit for an infantryman, they do so in ignorance of history. There is little that's illegal to possess that cannot be had or its equivalent manufactured by those who really wish to cause harm.

For example, the shootings at Columbine High School a few years back brought bans of 'assault weapons' in various cities across the country. What they fail to realize is that the same effect could have been had with non-assault weapons - regular firearms. The murderers were walking through a school full of unarmed people unmolested, shooting at will. They didn't do anything that couldn't have been done with manually operated weapons. & to really put it in perspective, they murdered 13 people & wounded 21 others between 11:19a.m. & 11:35 a.m. That's 16 minutes. Assuming they hit each person with just one shot, that would be just over 2 shots per minute total, or just over 1 shot per minute per murderer. A musket from the revolutionary was could have provided that rate of firepower. In the library where they murdered 10 people & wounded 12 others, they did this all in 7 &1/2 minutes or so. That would have equated to almost 3 shots per total or 1.5 shots minute per murderer. Again, well within the capabilities of the Revolutionary War musket.

Nicki Fellenzer at Armed Females of America - It's Time for Accountability When It Comes to Firearm Safety - How Ms. Fellenzer and her husband deal with gun safety with their children. [armedfemales]

Our carry guns never leave our sight. If they aren't holstered, they are within reach on our nightstands while we sleep. And if they aren't there, they are locked up in the safe. We are religious about ensuring that no child is left in our house unsupervised. Period. It's not just about the guns. We are responsible for our children's safety and for the safety of their friends who come to visit. Ergo, no child is left on the trampoline without at least one parent supervising. No child goes into the wading pool. No child visits upstairs, where our bedrooms (and gun safe) are located without supervision and no child is left alone in the kitchen. It's not about trust. It's about responsibility.

Children aren't stupid. They hear, see and understand. We swore, when we decided to reproduce, that we would never treat our children like morons. We would not shelter them from truth. We would not zealously guard them from reality or shut them away from the world. When you swing a forbidden fruit in front of a child, the only thing you are ensuring is that eventually they will get curious enough to take a bite.

We have explained the rules of the house to our brood in simple, direct terms. We have made our guns available to the children if they want to cautiously examine them. We have never made our guns taboo or off limits. Our children know that all they have to do is ask to see the weapon or handle it. They also know that before being allowed to touch the gun, they must recite the safety rules, which they do with gusto, and they must inspect the chamber to ensure it's empty and keep their fingers off the trigger when not shooting.

Liz Michael at Armed Females of America - The Revolution Has Started: Here Are Your First Orders - this is over three years old, but worth re-reading. [armedfemales]

You REALLY want to do something for the revolution? You REALLY want to engage in overt and covert acts which will eventually restore the Constitutional government of the United States? You can. And it's relatively easy: anyone can do it.

Lay the foundation for the revolution. There are several building blocks upon which any successful revolution will be built. They are not dramatic. They do not involve drawing attention to yourself. But they are critical to the restoration of our freedoms. And they are things YOU can do. Begin laying these foundations now.

First Order: Buy Guns

The best way to handle the authorities now is to never take them on directly. Don't treat them hostily. Befriend them when you can. Some of you perhaps see some of these folks as the enemy. They may or may not be. But when the revolution happens, it may very well be a local police officer, or a few federal civil servants, who stand with us.

Don't openly violate laws. Don't do drugs. Don't drink and drive. Don't steal. Only take marijuana if it is a medical necessity for you. It is important for you, now more than ever, to be a law-abiding citizen in as many other ways as possible. Don't ever give law enforcement other valid, non-political reasons to arrest you.

But understand this: constitutionally no law of the United States, or a separate state or locality, is actually legal, if it infringes upon the right to keep and bear arms in any way. There is no provision for registration. There is no provision for excluding even criminals from firearms ownership, believe it or not. The right is broad and absolute.

UniClear is an "online payment clearance center". They're attempting to become the next PayPal. They're in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. They keep your funds in "UniClear Dollars (UCD)" which appear to be basically equivalent to Canadian Dollars. They accept payment in e-gold. Unlike PayPal, which earns money on interest on their float, UniClear charges 5 UCD a month, plus transaction charges. Also unlike PayPal, they pay 3% interest on your balance. And very unlike PayPal, their security policy protects your privacy. I learned about UniClear from some spam titled "Better than PayPal". The information in this post was entirely from their email and web site. I know nothing more about them. I did not open an account. Buyer beware. [spam]

Although we do collect some personal information from you when you sign up, we will never reveal the information gathered to anybody without a court order (must be issued in Canada). All personal information is stored on our server in a secure data center, under DSS encryption, and is only used for financial recording purposes. You will never receive spam from UniClear and we will never sell your email address to anybody.

Los Angeles NBC4.TV News - Videotaped Attacker Charged With Trying To Kill Lawyer - a man fired repeatedly at his lawyer until he ran out of ammo, and then was tackled by an off-duty sheriff's reserve officer as he walked calmly away. The lawyer was hurt, but not fatally. Somehow he escaped death by hiding behind a tree. None of the many witnesses attempted to stop him. No one had a gun, or if they did, they didn't use it. Gunnyragg.com discussion here. A poll on the page asks: [gunnyragg.com]

In light of the Van Nuys courthouse shooting, do you think there should be tougher gun control laws?
  • Yes, it's too easy to get guns.
  • No, I believe in the right to bear arms.
  • Undecided.
I sent them the following email:
To: story@nbc4.tv
Subject: Strier Shoots Curry
From: "Bill St. Clair" <bill@billstclair.com>
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 21:21:11 -0500

Your web story about the shooting of Gerald E. Curry by William Strier contains a poll asking whether there should be tougher gun control laws in the light of this incident. I believe in the right to keep and bear arms, but that isn't the primary reason that in the light of this shooting we should eliminate existing victim disarmament laws. What is needed to prevent this from happenning in the future is for every responsible person to be encouraged to travel armed always and everywhere, court houses included. Then, should someone be stupid enough to try this again, he will be stopped by more than just dumb luck and a shortage of ammo.

Bill St. Clair

Carl F. Worden at Sierra Times - Ca Lawyer Shooting: And Nobody Had a Gun - commentary on the story above. [gunnyragg.com]

I carry a concealed handgun on my person everywhere I go here in Oregon, be it winter or summer, in town or in the boonies, in the grocery store, when I order a sandwich from Subway, and even when I have to stroll by the local courthouse. It is as familiar to me as my wallet, and had I witnessed a non-descript, middle aged man pull a gun and attempt to kill a totally unarmed man bobbing & weaving for his life behind a courthouse tree, I'd have stopped the attack immediately with one bullet to the assailant's ahead.

Notice on the film [Windows Media Player] how the assailant doesn't even look around while he's shooting at his attorney? That's because he's just about certain nobody on the street has the ability or even the gumption to try to stop him. Why? He's just about certain nobody else but him has a gun, and he was right.

When states like California pass ridiculous, restrictive gun laws, they only disarm the law-abiding citizens. The criminal element, or those choosing to become part of the criminal element on a particular day, just pack a loaded gun and start shooting their attorney, or their choice du jour, with the certain confidence that nobody in the immediate vicinity will try to stop them. What's the chance a plain-clothed cop will be there? Not likely.

Fort Liberty is an interesting place. Tons of links to liberty-oriented web sites and news groups, etexts on military hardware and tactics, links to defense training centers, militia links and FAQ, humor, U.S. flags. "Using the First Amendment to Protect the Second." Added to my links page as under RKBA organizations. [smith2004]

Tiffany Bowman at LizMichael.com - The Odyssey of Daniel Lopez - why Liz hasn't been writing much lately. And why Daniel Lopez shouldn't have attempted to make such a big deal over a traffic ticket. [lizmichael]

Fact 2: Liz Michael has a website, LizMichael.com - Political Activism for the Liberation of the World. Liz has been a political activist for nearly 30 years. She has a rolodex of names of everyone ranging from Ronald Reagan, the former President, to Alex Jones, the famous conspiracy analyst, to the late Irv Rubin of the Jewish Defense League. She probably knows personally, or knows someone who knows, damned near everyone in what could loosely be called "the patriot movement". She openly advocates revolution, "by any means necessary". A statement featured on her website boldly declares that "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable," a statement by that wild-eyed radical... John Fitzgerald Kennedy.


The interesting thing is, that Michael, in listing Lopez, and the accomplices in this whole escapade, didn't list herself as the victim. She hid her own identity, and didn't make it public. So many in her own position, would have broadcast that from the roottops. Why not admit you were the victim, in effect, of a police mugging?

"If I went public with having been the target of such abuse, I have friends all across the country that would come into Arizona, hunt down these sons of bitches, and kill every goddamned last one of them. I have some friends that are very, very bad news. It was enough of a job to keep a lid on the folks who DID know about these incidents." Some of Liz's friends would consider what happened to her, police harassment at best, and an assassination attempt at worst.


Liz feels compelled now to make this issue a public issue, and give her side of the matter. She doesn't think the case will get out of hand. But there's always that "1% chance". After all, a Special Agent is a Special Agent, no matter how benign they may seem. So she has announced a Liz Michael Legal Defense Fund, and is soliciting donations and assistance:

Liz Michael Legal Defense Fund
P. O. Box 11591
Casa Grande Arizona 85230

For anyone who makes light of patriotic Americans' objections to what is commonly known as "traffic tyranny", this case should be an illustration of how a mere traffic ticket can escalate, through shoddy and vengeful lawful enforcement, into charges of "terroristic threats" on one side, and charges of "attempted assassination" on the other. On the other end of this, traffic tickets and routine stops have on frequent occasion, gotten good police officers killed.

Liz Michael - America's Least Wanted - gross abusers of power, outed to the world. [lizmichael]

Here is, and will be, our Tyrant's Gallery, people who need to have every single thing about them exposed. And we are seeking information on all of these people so that they will never have a moment's rest. We want to know where they live, where they eat, where they sleep, and who their loved ones are, and we want them to be in mortal fear of the public at large.

If you have a submission for our Tyrant's Gallery, please email Tyrants@lizmichael.com.

Jeff Head - 3rd Excerpt, Vol IV, The Long March - another teaser for Mr. Head's fourth novel in the Dragon's Fury series, expected to be available in "Mid November".

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