No Draft, Not Now, Now Ever

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 10 Nov 2003 13:00:00 GMT
From tle:
"I'm afraid I just don't understand CBS. I mean, they pulled the plug on "The Reagans" because it's "full of lies", but they continue to broadcast Dan Rather. Am I missing something?" -- Lehr Duquesne

William Saletan at Slate - I Fought the Law: My adventures in traffic court - the law won, of course, by only by cheating. [smith2004]

Adam Young at Lew - President Points to Signs of Progress - satirical recasting to U.S. soil of Bush'es comments on Iraq troubles. Hehe. [smith2004]

As they have said following previous attacks, U.S. officials vowed that the newest wave of violence would not deter them. Major General Rodney Grass said, "Nothing will prevent us from systematically rooting out remnants of the former political philosophy and training Americans to accept responsibility for their previous thought crimes."

bob lonsberry - Should We Have a Draft? - no, says Mr. Lonsberry, not unless the United States is threatened. No, says I, not ever, not for any reason. If not enough people will volunteer to defend the nation, when it needs defending, then it is time for it to die. [trt-ny]

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