Second Amendment Clarified

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 20 Oct 2003 12:00:00 GMT
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The Libertarian Enterprise - Letter from Kent McManigal - well said! [tle]

The Second Amendment
to the
Constitution of the united States
of America

(written more plainly for those who would "interpret" away our rights for the benefit of terrorists, foreign and Domestic)

Because a Very Effective, Armed, Population is Essential in order for America to stay Free and safe, the Absolute Right of Everyone to Own and to Carry any type of Weapon they choose, in any way they wish, anywhere they see fit, cannot be regulated, licensed, or even questioned in the smallest way!

Todd Mahle at The Libertarian Enterprise - We Are Saved - gargantuan government has now solved the world's last problem. Hilarious satire. I'll say no more because the surprise what makes it funny. [tle]

Alan R. Weiss at The Libertarian Enterprise - Our Kind of Town - a few features of a truly Libertarian society. [tle]

- a town where the Non-Aggression Principle guides human relationships, along with a healthy dose of tolerance, humor, and good manners.

William Stone, III at The Libertarian Enterprise - Judgment Day - the republicans are feigning joy at Arnold's win in California. Those with half a brain know, however, that the state government is headed for financial collapse.

The basic problem with the California economy (and by extension, almost every other state in the Union) is very, very simple:

A century of rampant, unchecked socialism.

California's government (like virtually every other Government at the Federal and State -- in some cases, even the Local -- level) has been kiting checks for so long that for all intents and purposes it is bankrupt. During they heyday of the dot-com era, the Californian Government could write checks for virtually anything it liked, in any amount it cared to, and no one would complain. California's economy, after all, is superior to the overwhelming majority of countries in the world.


California can be saved -- as can the rest of the States and even the country. The way to save it is triviality itself. Unfortunately, it requires those in government to cooperate by willingly reducing their power -- and that is something politicians will never do.

The salvation of California will be had by the removal of the California Government from its citizens lives. Unfortunately, the only way to remove government from citizens' lives is to tear down and dismantle government, something the politicians who serve that government will never allow.

William Stone, III at The Libertarian Enterprise - Petty Bickering - Mr. Stone reminds us once again that the so-called differences between the two wings of the Boot on Your Neck Party are only petty bickering. He will calmly wait for their house of cards to collapse under its own weight.

Eventually--probably sooner than any of us think--this entire house of cards is going to come tumbling down. It simply cannot stand forever, as unstable as it has become. When it does, free individuals self-governing guided by the Zero Aggression Principle can finally set about the task of replacing it--WITH NOTHING.

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