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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 10 Oct 2003 12:00:00 GMT
From kaba:
"Making history is more fun than repeating it." -- Angel Shamaya

Yahoo! News - Teenager In Trouble In Inhaler Incident - save a life, go to jail, in the Amerikan nanny state. This happenned at Caney Creek High School. The principal is Dr. Greg Poole, The address is 16840 FM 2090, Conroe, TX 77306. Phone: 936-231-3330, 832-482-6212, fax: 936-231-7702. The original Click2Houston article is here.

A teenager was disciplined for sharing medication used to treat asthma, but he said it saved his girlfriend's life, News2Houston reported Wednesday.

Andra Ferguson and her boyfriend, Brandon Kivi, both 15, use the same type of asthma medicine, Albuterol Inhalation Aerosol.

Ferguson said she forgot to bring her medication to their school, Caney Creek High School, on Sept. 24. When she had trouble breathing, she went to the nurse's office.

Out of concern, Kivi let her use his inhaler.

"I was trying to save her life. I didn't want her to die on me right there because the nurse's office (doesn't) have breathing machines," Kivi said.

"It made a big difference. It did save my life. It was a Good Samaritan act," Ferguson said.

But the school nurse said it was a violation of the district's no-tolerance drug policy, and reported Kivi to the campus police.

The next day, he was arrested and accused of delivering a dangerous drug. Kivi was also suspended from school for three days. He could face expulsion and sent to juvenile detention on juvenile drug charges.
I sent the following email to Dr. Poole:
Subject: Brandon Kivi
From: "Bill St. Clair" <>
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2003 10:47:10 -0400

Dr. Poole,

I read on the internet the story of the possible expulsion and imprisonment of Brandon Kivi for sharing his asthma inhaler with his girlfriend, possibly saving her life. Thank you for enforcing your school's zero intelligence policies. The next time this happens, I'm sure your students will follow the rules and allow their friends to die. Get a clue, mister. Brandon Kivi deserves a medal of commendation for helping his friend, not arrest and expulsion. Make it right or resign in disgrace. You have no other moral choice.

Bill St. Clair

L. Neil Smith - No More @#$%^&*! Ping-Pong - a little lesson in the non-difference between the two branches of the Boot on Your Neck Party. Why you should never vote for the Demlicans or Repubocrats again, and an endorsement of Michael Badnarik as the Libertarian Party's 2004 presidential candidate. The link is to the Yahoo smith2004-discuss mailing list, which requires a free membership to read. My copy, which doesn't, is here. There's another copy here at Rational Review.

After Roosevelt and his collectivist advisors failed to end the Depression, after Republicans managed to purge the Constitutionalists in their party by letting them be smeared as "Isolationists", real differences between the two parties began to vanish. World War II was thoroughly bipartisan. Eisenhower's value to the owners and operators of America wasn't so much that he ended the Korean War Harry Truman had started (he didn't, really), but that he managed to do so without much criticism of the Democrats.

From then, there wasn't "a nickel's worth of difference" between Republicans and Democrats. Each worked a different side of the street, but played Ping-Pong with the other, using the American people's wishes, hopes, dreams, and aspirations as the ball. People would get tired or frightened of Democrats in power and elect Republicans. Then they'd get disappointed or discouraged with Republicans and vote for Democrats. Back and forth, back and forth. At each turn, Americans found themselves with less real wealth and many fewer freedoms than they'd had at the previous turn.

We just saw it happen again in what my Discordian friends call "Califnordia". Gray Davis of Socialist Party A couldn't repair the damage his colleagues on both sides of the aisle have done to that poor state over the past half century. Arnold Schwarzenegger of Socialist Party B will find himself helpless, too. The fact is that nothing can clean up the mess both parties have made there, short of the Big One finally reducing the entire state to rubble.


Instead of a peace dividend, we got the Brady Bill, the Semiauto and Adequate Magazine Bill, and just so smirking leftists won't feel left out, we got Homeland Security and the USA Patriot Act. Guantanamo -- the name once stood as a bastion of freedom -- now means the same thing, essentially, as Buchenwald, Auschwitz, and Belsen. Anyone who wishes it were different -- and voted for Republicans or Democrats -- wasted his vote.


The main message libertarians have to communicate to voters is that it's time to stop wasting their votes. It's time to stop playing Ping-Pong with Republicans and Democrats. It's time to stop being robbed, and seeing our children brainwashed, kidnapped, and murdered.


The only way they can do that (assuming that they don't want to join the majority of Americans and simply stop voting) is to put their votes "in escrow" until Republicans and Democrats straighten up and fly right, by refusing to vote for either of the two, and voting for some third party -- any third party -- instead.

My choice, of course, despite the many and grievous faults I've chronicled over the years, is the Libertarian Party. And the choice to put my vote in escrow (the truth, of course, is that Republicans and Democrats will never straighten up and fly right) will be sweeter if I can vote for a candidate I really respect and admire.

Claire Wolfe - National Depression Screening Day - this is the first I've heard of this. And it was yesterday, so I missed it. Boo hoo. Not! A new way for the legal uppers dealers to push their dope. [claire]

But if we're miserable as an everyday matter, before we go down to the intersection of Prozac Road and Zoloft Highway to catch a ride, maybe we ought to ask whether we could make life choices that would lift us into happiness, rather than just medicating over whatever bad choices or bad conditions we're living with. And if we feel we have no choices, maybe that in itself is a problem about which ... we should make some choices?

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