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From smith2004:
So, Califnordia booted out an anti-gun tax and spend Socialist Democrat, and replaced him with an anti-gun tax and spend Socialist Republican. YAY. :{

CNN - Davis concedes, Schwarzenegger wins - the Kalifornicators have a new governor, pretty much like the old governor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's closest competitor, Cruz Bustamante, will remain California's lieutenant governor.

Jack Straw at Armed Females of America - The American Revolution Was Lost through Treason - denying any man, woman, or responsible child his or her unalienable individual, Constitutional, civic, and human right to obtain, own, and carry, openly or concealed, any weapon is treason. But you knew that. Mr. Straw says it well, however. [kaba]

E-mail, fax, call, write and visit each of your elected servants again and again, and demand your inalienable rights as a citizen: the long overdue demise of the unconstitutional "assault"-style weapons ban, the infamous Lautenberg amendment, and the civil war holdover, prohibition of concealed carry.

FEMA Director Joe Allbaugh has a detail of deputy U.S. Marshals, who also provide "protection" for the drug czar.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld uses agents from the Army Criminal Investigative Division, which raises troubling questions about enlisted military personnel doing civilian "law-enforcement" duties in the "protection" of a mere civilian.

Career "officials" say the recent assignment of heavily-armed bodyguards in many cases has more to do with "image enhancement" than "protection." (I'm more important than you mere peons)

"Having a 'protective' detail is the new status symbol in town," an Interior Department official who requested anonymity said. "You don't look important unless you have one."

Said another "official," who's employed by the sinister new GEheime STAat POlizei (homeland "security") Department: "It is a fact that a 'detail' is very prestigious now in Washington."

Office of Personnel Management Director Kay Coles James recently was assigned a protective detail.

"She is taken care of twenty-four-seven," said OPM spokesman Scott Hatch, who declined to elaborate

GEheime STAat POlizei (homeland "security") Secretary Tom Ridge is expected to get a full Secret Service (SS) detail, like the president.


Only when honest citizens legally possess the same means of justifiable immediate self-protection as corrupt politicians now lavish only on predatory criminals will we ever have the opportunity to meet Jefferson's definition of how the Founders wanted the country: "When the 'government' fears the People, that is Liberty. When the People fear the 'government,' that is Tyranny."

The Washington Times - Gun bans don't work - a CDC study has concluded that keeping guns out of the hands of the law-abiding does not enhance public safety. [scopeny]

In the exhaustive brief, the CDC analyzed scientific evidence regarding "bans on specified firearms and ammunition, restrictions on firearm acquisition [including waiting periods], firearm registration and licensing, concealed-carry laws, child-access-prevention laws, zero-tolerance laws for firearms in schools and combinations of firearms laws." The verdict? "The Task Force found insufficient evidence to determine the effectiveness of any of the firearms laws or combinations of laws reviewed on violent outcomes." The task force also concluded that "firearms-related injuries in the United States have declined since 1993" despite the fact that "approximately 4.5 million new firearms are sold each year."

The CDC maintains that the above conclusions are actually inconclusive, and that more research in needed. Given that a task force of 14 experts spent three years to review 51 different studies to come up with the findings, the only justification for the CDC's equivocation is that the authorities want to continue to research the issue until they reach findings that can be stretched to justify more government regulation.


It is offensive when liberals blanketly suggest that the average American isn't responsible enough to own a gun, and that increased gun control is needed to stop gun violence. Crimes committed by those who own guns legally are a statistical blip. The same goes for accidents. The new CDC report is welcome in that it confirms what has long been known: There is no proof that gun-control laws prevent violence. Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should get back to the honorable mission of stopping communicable diseases.

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