John Ross in Vegas Tonight

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 07 Oct 2003 12:00:00 GMT
From sierra:

Presents An Evening With JOHN ROSS
(A Historical Fiction About The "Gun Culture" Of America)

TUESDAY OCTOBER 7, 2003 - 7.00 PM
West Las Vegas Library
951 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Las Vegas
(7/10 Miles West of Interstate 15)

Don't miss this unique opportunity to meet and hear John Ross . John will be selling and signing his book at the event. If you are a freedom lover and believer of the "Bill of Rights", then you need to be there! Tell your friends, other members of the Gun Culture, Libertarians, free thinkers, freedom lovers etc. etc.

Admission: $5.00 at the door.

Tom Chandler at The North Country Gazette - Why We Must Enforce The Oath Laws - The director of New York's Tyranny Response Team stresses the importance of ensuring that our public "servants" register their oaths of office, as required by law. June Maxam has discovered that a host of New York judges have not. [trt-ny]

The New York constitution is totally unambiguous on the penalty for not filing in time, and if one can not comply with what is clearly mandated by constitutional law, how can one credibly interpret what is implied by the law ? If one respects the constitutions only when it is convenient to do so, will one observe the constitutional limits that protect our rights and freedoms?

The state statutes specify the office will be declared vacant as if the official had died in office. The governor or municipal board of directors must then appoint a replacement or reappoint the same office holders. The official rulings or actions ARE NOT automatically reversed, thus the jails and prisons DO NOT empty into the streets. Any police officer, fireman or other unelected official who has failed to file can be blanket reappointed. The elected officials do however have to run for reelection the next election cycle. The purpose of this effort is not to induce chaos, but to restore appreciation of the importance of a commitment to support the objectives of these oaths of office...

Jon Dougherty at World Net Daily - Doctors' group blasts administration: Claims White House punishing physicians for misdeeds of patients - The Bushiveks are arresting doctors because their patients abuse prescription drugs. Baldersash! [smith2004]

Serkes added doctors are being brought up on murder charges when patients inject drugs meant to be taken orally, mix them with illegal street drugs such as heroin, then overdose.

"This is a national disgrace -- doctors throughout the country are being targeted by egregious law enforcement for helping patients manage crippling pain with controlled, legal drugs," she said.

The No-State Project "is a project designed to do one thing, find a suitable area for liberty-minded people, settle it and eliminate the state. We don't seek a violent, bloody and useless revolution. What we do want is to erode the state from within. We will not use the ballot box, like the more famous 'Free State Project', nor will we blow smoke by not clearly stating our intent." [smith2004]

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