Bowling Ball Mortar

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 11 Oct 2003 12:00:00 GMT
Kevin Tuma - Terminated - cartoon commentary on the policy that drove the nail into the coffin of Gray Davis' California governorship. Hehe.

LawDog at The High Road - The LawDog Files (Rated 'R' for content) - hilarious! Drop everything and read it.

"Opal," I start to say as I ease around to where I can see her hands, "We need to talk...Holy Mary." The anguish in Desmonds voice was quite understandable once I got far enough around the two to notice that Opal had Desmonds schnitzle in both ham-sized fists, and was apparently trying to rip the old boy out by the roots.

Doc's Machine - One Fine September Morning... - the story of the firing of a home-made bowling ball mortar. Three ounces of Pyrodex fires a ball over 500 yards. Whoo Haaaaa!!! [smith2004]

This thing is huge! Probably weighing some 150 pounds, half-inch-nominal wall pipe with a massive two-inch-thick breechblock welded on one end. The touchhole or fuse passage leads to a small "chamber" in the center that holds the powder in a single spot, rather than letting it cover the whole 8.5" bore.

Ken Valentine - Disassembling a Big-Bore Marlin Lever Gun - I learned to field strip my Marlin 444P on the day I brought it home from the gun shop where I bought it. I had noticed recently, however, some rust inside the action. Spraying Breakfree inside mostly fixed it, but I wanted to see everything to make sure there is no rust. Also, I just like taking things apart. So I asked at smith2004 if anyone knew how to further disassemble the action. Mr. Valentine responded. Today, I tested his instructions. Worked like a charm! I now have a clean, Breakfree treated, big-bore lever gun. Thank you, Ken! If you need to find this in the future, I put a link in the "Guns" section of the home page.

The S-Train Canvass - Thy rod and thy staff... - this former gang member used his Mossberg 500 for its proper purpose, protecting his family from a home break-in. Unfortunately, the perp lived. Publicola commentary here. [publicola]

Dale Lowdermilk at KNX 1070 - Reply to "Ammo Sales" - from way back in 2000, a good idea to show your support for the second amendment.

I ask KNX listeners to join me in a freedom-of-speech-experiment to support the Second Amendment. Honk your horn for two seconds, twice each weekday afternoon, at 2:22 pm. This daily "synchronized beep" will relieve stress, promote thinking and can keep the vultures at bay.

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