Trial by Jury, RIP

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From kaba:
"People only have respect for the law when the law has respect for them." -- Constable John A. Gayder

Mike Shelton at The Orange County Register - Popeye Sam - my title. Cartoon commentary on the effect on the U.S. of the new Homeland Security Department. Hehe.

Mike Shelton at the Orange County Register - October 30 - cartoon commentary on the Moscow hostage "solution". Hehe.

Mike Shelton at the Orange County Register - Shell Game - my title. Cartoon commentary on North Korea's nukes. Hehe.

The Liberty Dogs is a new weblog created by Kim and Mrs. du Toit. They have quite a few members. I don't know the process to join and attain posting priveleges, but the du Toits can probably help if you're interested. [rachel]

The Liberty Dogs is a group of individuals who monitor, report, and bark about Homeland Security Department activities and plans.

The group is made of up existing Bloggers and others. We represent all breeds and cross political parties.

The Liberty Dogs can fight about other issues in their usual way, but here, we come together as one. Well, we try to anyway.

Aubrey Turner says Hell No! to DARPA's new Informationion Awareness Office with a large and small logo. The large one is below. The small one is in the left-hand column with a link to the IAO. [libertydogs]

Melanie via Birdman Bryant - Questioning the Jury Questionnaire - full text below. I verified this. The South Carolina District Court FAQ page contains a link to a PDF of an eight page questionnaire matching the description below. I am horrified. I knew the courts were corrupt, but I had no idea it had gotten this bad. Of course, the only proper response is "None of your F'ing businness!" which might get you a contempt of court charge, to be tried by a jury of groveling morons who filled out the questionnaire to the judge's liking. [birdman]

I just received a summons to serve on a Federal Jury in my jurisdiction. Enclosed were several pages of information and a sixteen- page questionnaire. Warning is given that this questionnaire must be completed and returned within three days, or penalties will ensue. Answer truthfully or be prosecuted for perjury.

I'm asked to list age, health, education, what subjects, what degrees or diplomas and the same questions about my spouse. Questions cover my parents, brothers, sisters, and children. What age? Education? Employment? Any arrests?, Military service? Dates of all these? This on all of my relatives!

I must list my primary source(s) of news: TV, Newspaper, Radio, Magazines, Other? All interests, recreational pastimes, hobbies, sports, and other spare-time activities?

What magazines and newspapers do I regularly read?

Have I ever been a member of a professional or job-related organization (including labor unions)? Identify.

What social, political, civic, religious, and other organizations do I belong to or are associated with? (I'm very tempted to list the KKK, US Communist Party, Nazi Americans, Gay and Lesbian Coalition, Muslim Defense Org., Bank robbers anonymous. Let them figure that out.)

Am I or any member of my family a member of any group (their emphasis) which encourages strict enforcement of laws or modification of our present laws . . . .? If Yes, identity the family member and the group(s) to which they belong.

Have I displayed any bumper stickers on my automobile in the last twelve months? and Please list each bumper sticker.

Have I previously served on a jury? What type, criminal? civil? Was a verdict reached? What was the verdict? Did anything happen during my previous jury service which might affect my ability to make a decision. . . . .? If so, explain.

Have I ever been a witness in a civil or criminal trial? If yes, explain.

Have I or any relative ever been involved in a lawsuit including a suit involving a workers' compensation claim? If so, list family members name, whether they were plaintiff or defendant, what type of case (example auto accident) and Who was your family members' lawyer?

Have you or any relative ever complained to any seller or manufacturer that a product was defective or dangerous? If yes, please explain.

Have you or any relative ever filed an insurance claim (other than heath ins)? If yes, what was the nature of the claim and when was it filed? Was it paid? If not, how resolved?

Have you or a relative ever filed a complain against a law enforcement officer or agency? What was nature of complaint and when was it made?

Have you or any close friends or relatives been victims of a crime? Explain who victim was and type of crime.

Have you or any relative ever been arrested or charged with a crime? Please explain who was charged and what crime. (There follows about six more questions pertaining to this.) Were your civil rights restored, if so, in what manner?

Have you or a relative ever worked for: Lawyer, Insurance, Court, Corporation, doctor, hospital, etc.?

You or any relative ever participated in a support group? Such as alcoholics Anonymous?

Eight questions pertain to whether I could be fair in cases involving guns, foreign nationals, corporations, cases against law enforcement officers, etc.

Question 45 is stressed. Just above the line for my signature are sic asterisks and bold printed "Please make sure you have answered questions 31-33/45 and sign below." Here is #45:

Regardless any opinion you may have concerning a particular law, would you be able to set aside your feelings and follow the law as stated by the judge. Yes_______ No________

This questionnaire makes me so boiling mad I could scream! First, what business is it of the federal government to know such details not only about me but all of my relatives, such as education, employment, etc.? And anyone who reads magazines written by Patrick Buchanan or anyone else they don't like would never get on t he jury. Nor would anyone who dared question anything the judge says, no matter how unconstitutional, illegal, or immoral. They don't really need a jury, just the dictatorial judge. Which is the whole idea. The constitution guarantees a trial by jury, so they just put an echo of the prosecutors and judge in the jury box. Zippo! Case closed.


Keith Preston at - Anarchist National Defense and Foreign Policy - a long piece on some possibilities for defense of an ancap America. [anti-state]

American Revolutionary Vanguard Twenty-Five Point Program - Mr. Preston formed American Revolutionary Vanguard in 1998 with James Adcock. This is their platform. From the FAQ:

4) Why are you against the government?

Well, let's see. The US government has, for the past sixty years, engaged in counterinsurgency programs throughout the world under the direction of the CIA that have killed nearly six million people according to Johan Galtung, John Stockwell, Peter Dale Scott, Noam Chomsky and others who study these matters. That's as many deaths as occurred in the Jewish Holocaust. Three million people were killed in the wars perpetrated by the US government in Southeast Asia in the 1960s and 70s. Hundreds of thousands in Central America in the 80s. Over a million deaths in Iraq from American bombing and blockades in the 90s. The US government is currently attempting to establish itself as a global dictatorship for the purpose of subjugating and destroying the sovereignty of the nations of the world and claiming the "right" to initiate military aggression against those nations that refuse to take orders from Washington. This is being done for the sake of imposing corporate monoculture on the entire world and wiping out the various traditional or indigenous cultures in the process. The imperialists won't be satisfied until there is a McDonald's at the top of the Himalayas.

Domestically, the US government maintains the world's largest prison population. Twenty five percent of the world's prisoners are in the US. The prison industry is the second largest employer in the US behind GM. The Wars on Drugs, Guns, Crime and the like are being used to create a massive prison slavocracy and a police state. The US is second only to China in the number of its citizens it executes every year. So the real question is why would I not be against the government? This is a regime of domestic slavery and international genocide.


12) Why do you defend drug users, prostitutes and prisoners?

For the same reason I would have defended Jews and Gypsies in Nazi Germany. Simple common decency. Drug users and prostitutes fill the role of social scapegoat in American police state ideology that Jews and Gypsies did in Nazi police state ideology. Most people in prison are either victims of cultural persecution, such as drug users and prostitutes, victims of statist power-grabbing, such as tax resisters and gun owners, or persons imprisoned for relatively minor property or economic crimes like bad checks, possessing stolen goods or non-payment of child support.


17) What is the alternative to capitalist democracy?

Radical decentralization. Government should be scaled down from the national level to the regional level, and then to the city or county level, and then to the level of autonomous districts, towns, villages, hamlets, boroughs and neighborhoods. Local groups should be able to organize themselves in whatever way they wish. One town can be a monarchy, the next can be fascist, the next communist, the next democratic, the next theocratic and so on. Large metropolises can be organized into a federation of sovereign districts and neighborhoods reflecting local customs, ethnic identity, religious identity, etc. Cities and counties can then be federated from the bottom up into sovereign regional territories. Prototypes for this already exist in the form of groups like the Republic of Texas, League of the South, Alaskan Independence Party, Green Panthers/Republic of Ganjastan, New England Confederation, Aztlan, Mohawk Warrior Society, Republic of New Afrika, American Front, etc. These sovereign free territories can then be federated into continent wide defensive alliance. This program is fairly consistent with the traditional anarchist objective of a federation of federations. The German/Italian Holy Roman Empire existed for nearly a thousand years as a confederation of three hundred largely sovereign kingdoms and principalities with nearly fifteen hundred free cities and territories interspersed. It was out of this cultural environment that major human advancements such the Protestant Reformation, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution and the Enlightenment emerged.


19) Why do you hate cops so much?

I don't really hate cops as individuals. Some cops are scum, others may be relatively decent people. However, the police as institution are simply the state's occupational army established for the purpose of political control. State-run police forces did not exist prior to the rise of modern states. I am for abolishing the police and shutting off funding for police departments. The primary safeguard against crime should be the individual citizen exercising their right to bear arms for self-defense. Organized crime control services should be provided by citizen militias operating independently of government. I am for abolishing the state's system of "criminal justice" entirely. Disputes should be settled by private arbiters or common law juries. Criminals should either pay restitution to victims or be exiled to self-managed, self-sufficient penal colonies. The prison system should be abolished.

20) How would you go about overthrowing the system?

I favor a three-pronged approach. First, we need to develop an alternative infrastructure. This would include home schools, cooperatives, worker run businesses, credit unions, labor unions, mutual aid societies, common law courts, alternative media, tenants associations and other alternative institutions. Second, we need to begin electing radicals to local offices like city councils, schools boards, sheriffs, state houses and so on and begin building local and regional secessionist movements that are mutually supportive of one another. Third, we need to develop a confederation of local militias and guerrilla and paramilitary forces. We need to seek support from enemies of the US government internationally. When all of this is done, we declare independence. If the ruling class says no dice, then it's Vietnam. It may very well take a protracted armed struggle, a war of attrition, to put down the New World Order.

R. Lee Wrights at Liberty For All - Who are the Real Spoilers? - the major parties who have spoiled the political process, that's who. [smith2004]

Since failure is so distasteful to the political factions of the United States, the leaders of these parcels of political clout often search for factors outside their official structures upon which blame can be placed for their own shortcomings. Thus is born the "spoiler campaign" dodge. In an attempt to relieve themselves of the responsibility of a loss, party leaders of the losing party claim one of the other parties "stole" votes from them; thereby, causing them to lose an office that they evidently believe belonged to them. Isn't that convenient? All of a sudden it is someone else's fault you lost; and, a group that you have no control over brought about your demise. Some other party has stolen your seat and spoiled your campaign. Well, at least it was not YOUR fault, right?

Chris Floyd at The Moscow Times - Global Eye -- Rough Beast - American liberty, RIP. [birdman]

We've said it before, and we'll keep on saying it: A country whose leader has the power to imprison any citizen, on his order alone, and hold them indefinitely, in military custody, without access to the courts, without a lawyer, without any charges, their fate determined solely by the leader's arbitrary whim -- that country is a tyranny, not a democracy, not a republic, not a union of free citizens.

Now, it may be that it is still a tyranny in utero, a rough beast slouching toward Bethlehem -- or in this case, Washington -- to be born, and not yet the full-blown monster, fangs bared and back plated with bristling armored scales. But the tyranny has been conceived, it's taken root in the womb, gained definite form and is clawing, tearing its way toward the light.


It is equally absurd to believe that these new, unconstrained powers will not be abused. The very fact of their assertion is itself an abuse, a perversion of the freedoms that Bush has sworn -- falsely -- to uphold. They are a far greater threat to the foundations of American liberty than even the most horrendous attack by murderous criminals. No foreign terrorist can strip the entire American system of its basic freedoms -- the inviolability of the citizen, the right to due process, the constitutional separation of powers, the people's right to know what their government is doing in their name.

Only an American tyrant can do that. And he is doing it, day by day.

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