Roadblocks for Freedom?

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 21 Nov 2002 13:00:00 GMT
From Doing Freedom!:
"Bullets whizzing in the general direction of uppity politicians are the most eloquent of citizen protests." -- Carl Bussjaeger

From The Federalist:

"One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty counsels. The thing to be supplied is light, not heat." -- Woodrow Wilson
"The Kurds in the north are a superstitious people who believe that Saddam will die on a holiday. To them, any day that Saddam dies will be a holiday." -- Mark Russell
"The FBI accused the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms of incompetence. The ATF's law enforcement mission is ambiguous at best. After all, the Founding Fathers considered alcohol, tobacco and firearms three of the four basic food groups." -- Argus Hamilton

John de Rosier at the Albany (NY) Times Union - Roadblock - my title. Cartoon commentary on changes coming from the new Department of Fatherland, er... Homeland Security. Not funny.

Doing Freedom! - November, 2002: "Relationships" - Haven't read it yet.

Atlantic Body Armor "produces soft body armor in various ballistic fabrics such as Kevlar™, Twaron™, SpectraShield™, Dyneema™ ,GoldFlex™ and Turtleskin™. We also hybrid some of these products together in order to combine the best features within one vest." Added to my Arms Manufacturers page at the request of Richard Talbot, their VP of Sales & Marketing.

I sent the following message to my Congress Critter, John Sweeney:

I noticed you voted for H.R. 5710, the Fatherland, er... Homeland Security Act of 2002. The Senate last night sent back their version of it as H.R. 5005. The House has to approve their changes before it goes to Mr. Bush'es desk. You have another chance to kill this sick puppy.

Yes, there are a few good things in this bill: arming pilots, defending Posse Comitatus, killing TIPS, denying a National ID, splitting the INS in two. But the bads way out-weigh the goods.

Moving the BATF to Justice and giving their jack-booted thugs arrest authority is a really bad move. You need to shut down that agency and replace it with nothing.

You may not force me to be immunized. Ever. Especially with a vaccine as dangerous as the Smallpox vaccine. Authorizing HHS to do this is NOT OK.

But the biggest problem with this monstrosity is Poindexter's "Total Information Awareness" system, skewered by William Safire in last Thursday's New York Times. I will not have my life catalogued in his store-everything-about-everyone-for-always database.

Do you really think that reorganizing the federal behemoth is going to make it more efficient? HAH! To do that you need to slash it by a factor of at least a hundred.

If you want real homeland security, pass a National Vermont Carry bill. Rescind the Assault Weapons Ban, the Brady Bill, the 1968 Gun Control Act, and the National Firearms Act. Encourage everyone to be armed always and everywhere, no permit required. We'll do just fine.

But in the short term, change your vote. Vote NO on H.R. 5005 when it comes before you later this week.

Libertarian Party Press Releases - Pentagon database is step toward police state, Libertarians say - what the US needs to combat terrorism is "Total Constitutional Awareness", not "Total Information Awareness".

"This project sends a message that every American should find repugnant," Getz said. "Namely, that politicians and bureaucrats view America as a sea of criminal suspects whose private behavior must be tracked, catalogued and analyzed, just in case they commit a crime.

"So much for the presumption of innocence and the right to privacy. Just as in totalitarian states, your rights disappear at the whim of a shadowy government employee intent on spawning another database.

"Unless this Orwellian project is dismantled, innocent Americans will suffer under the kind of high-tech, 24-hour surveillance that the Stasi and the KGB would have envied."

Loretta Nall at The Alabama Marijuana Party - Cops Raid Marijuana Party Founder in Politically Motivated Raid - Probable motive for the raid: Ms. Nall is the founder of the Alabama Marijuana Party. [cures-not-wars]

In my home they found one stem and approximately 3 marijuana seeds. I had cleaned my home thoroughly before becoming a public activist and I know there was nothing here. They came inside my home while I was away and as far as I am concerned it could have been planted as a way to get back at me for two failed raids since September of this year. I was arrested and jailed until 1 am this morning. My husband was told to call the sheriffs office at 5 pm and that it was a misdemeanor charge and I would be allowed out on a signature bond. He called at 5 pm and was told it was a felony but that I wasn't there yet when actually I was. He called back at 5:30 pm and was told it was a misdemeanor charge but that a property bond would be required to get me out.

Elizabeth Bernard at - Meet Loretta Nall - another telling of Ms. Nall's tale.

Patrick K. Kroupa - The Addiction Series: Part I - snarfed from Dana Beal's Million Marijuana March email newsletter. More wisdom from Mr. Kroupa.

The entire "disease" model of addiction is wrong.

People create theories in an attempt to understand various phenomena, as time passes, many of these theories are proven to be incorrect, or merely inadequate and slapped together by persons who lack the knowledge and experience to assimilate and articulate a more cohesive understanding of the events in question.

Fire . . . pretty, wow, neato... oh no, it burns, damn, the house is on fire... ohmygawd fire is awful, bad, terrible, stay away from it because it destroys things. I will never do fire again! In fact I will gather together groups of other people who have all done fire, and sit around talking about why fire is awful, to make myself feel better.

Yeah, well, okay. If that works for you, fabulous. But ya know what? It's not the "correct" solution. The entire disease concept of addiction, could be applied to just about anything and be equally wrong - or more specifically, incomplete. Because when you come down to it, your "disease" is being a human being, and your life is just a relapse from death.

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