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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 15 Nov 2002 13:00:00 GMT
I'm vertical again, though still weak. Had over 800 messages in my emailbox. Mostly spam, of course.

From a bottle of Original Juan Jamaican Style Batch #114 Hot Sauce:

"In the jungles of Jamaica, far from the soft, white beaches and luxury resorts, there's a small shack with a small garden. In the garden, Scotch Bonnet and Habanero peppers are grown. In the shack, Jerk Sauce is made with them. In the mouths of those who eat it, a strange voodoo begins to take hold, consuming the body, mind and soul in a fiery, hypnotic euphoria. In this bottle is that sauce. In this world there is no sensation quite like it. Pain is good."

From the December 2002 issue of Guns & Ammo Magazine, p. 22:

"I'm not particularly good at quick one-liners, but once in a while I come through. Just before I shipped out to take command of a task force in the Persian Gulf, somebody asked, in military context, what my favorite weapon was. That one I didn't have to think about, so I came back really fast: 'Four Thousand Marines.'" -- Col. Craig Boddington

From smith2004:

The only proper answer to the question, "Do you have a pistol?" is, "How many lines of coke did you do this morning before coming to work?" That's what I always ask interviewers when they ask me if I'm carrying.

Both questions are rude, intrusive, and the answers are nobody's business but your own.

ABC 7 Chicago - Three arrested, 445 ticketed at rave - Racine, Wisconsin police ticketed evereyone who attended a "rave" and arrested three people who had ecstacy pills. [smith2004]

Haunted House Party - the so-called "rave" was a fund raiser for a Haunted House. [smith2004]

What happened next is indescribable, unlawful, chaotic, and a major violation of people's civil rights and abuse of police power.

According to witnesses, police cars and wagons came from every direction to surround the front and back entrances of Tradewinds Banquet Hall. People outside were forcibly thrown to the ground, hand cuffed, and detained. The front and back entrances were sealed off.

Meanwhile, inside, a representative from was forcibly thrown down on a pool table. One of the Dj's were using the bathroom when the police came in with guns drawn. A gun was pointed at the head of the Dj for almost a half hour!

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