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bob lonsberry - No More Sidewalk Cigarettes - if the mayor of Salt Lake City has his way, it will be illegal to smoke in any public place in the city. That means outdoors on the sidewalks. Mr. Lonberry calls this one right, pure unadulterated tyranny. One reader comment:
You can not smoke in a bar
You can not smoke in another's car
You can not smoke on the curb
Not tobacco or any other herb
You can not smoke in a park
They will fine you big and that's no lark
You can not smoke in a mall
Not winter spring summer or fall
You can not smoke at a movie
The other patrons won't find it groovy
You can not smoke in a TV ad
You can not smoke if you are a dad
You can not smoke here or there
You can not smoke anywhere
People who smoke are a bunch of jerks
but they pay for the mayor's wages and all of his perks
It's from cigarette taxes oh how glorious
The state makes more profits than Phillip-Morris
So if you smoke please do not stop
keep paying those taxes until you drop
Just try to do where we can not see
So we can spend taxes from your addiction completely guilt free

The Grove Daily Sun - The 'No-Knock' Law Proved Its Worth in Case of Dead Trooper - an editorial arguing against no-knock searches. Says that a civilian "cannot fire on a police officer". Bull. If a cop points his weapon at you, he has committed assault with a deadly weapon. If at all possible, you should defend your life by shooting him dead. [drugsense]

The Libertarian Enterprise - 2nd Letter from Jim Davidson - how to obey the campaign finance laws and still donate six or seven times the legal limit to your candidate or party of choice. Use gold or silver coins. [tle]

You see, because gold and silver coins are exported by the US Mint, and because the coins are exempt from foreign import duty if they are legal tender, Congress acted in 1985 to make the coins of the US Mint legal tender at their face values. The US Mint issues an American Silver Eagle which has one ounce troy of .9 fine silver with a face value of one dollar. It is legal tender at that face value!

Now, nobody would spend one of these at a cash register for a dollar, of course. You have to pay for the silver metal that is in the coin, plus the cost of the coin being designed and stamped, plus some contribution to the US Mint's budget (which would be profit in the private sector...). All told, you may pay $7.50 or more for an American Silver Eagle, depending on the market price of silver and some other factors, such as its numismatic value.

Thus, if you really support a candidate, and some law at state or federal level limits the amount you are "allowed" to express your support, you can obey that law - with silver. Using silver, you can express about seven times your support compared to how much you can express with a check drawn on a bank account holding Federal Reserve Notes.

The Libertarian Enterprise - Letter from Bill St. Clair - the rant I printed here last Tuesday as "ZAP Rant". [tle]

Patrick K Martin at The Libertarian Enterprise - Confessions Of A Techno- dependent Writer - an entertaining rant about a "T" that should have been an "I" in Mr. Martin's last submission to TLE. When in error, blame everybody else. [tle]

Carl Bussjaeger at The Libertarian Enterprise - You Call This 'Democracy' - some simple arithmetic proving the Bushnev was elected by a whopping "majority" of about 16% of the U.S. population. The "mandate" of last week's election was even smaller. [tle]

As the US election season closes (and did you get your bag limit of politicians?), here's a little something to think about. And hopefully all those anti-American terrorists whom Bloody Rumsfeld is intentionally stirring up [1] will see this, too.

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