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From birdman:
"Whenever anyone invokes God, or His will, as a rationale for action, the specter of violence and bloodshed looms large. It's only natural, therefore, that it should loom even larger in that part of the world designated 'the Holy Land,' most of which is today the nation of Israel." -- Justin Raimondo

From smith2004:

"Anything you get from government is like a used tampon - it's bloody, it stinks and there's always strings attached." -- Rex Nulla
"The purest form of Democracy is a gang-rape." -- Rex Nulla

Survival Arts is Russell Whitaker's new blog. Added to my links page, in the "Weblogs" column of the "News" section. Welcome to the blogosphere, Mr. Whitaker.

Hi there. Inspired by the good work at Libertarian Samizdata, I've decided to do my own blog. Join me and a few close friends as we talk gun-do & other martial arts, space & earthbound freedom frontiers, and living fovever (or dying trying).


Russell Whitaker (editor)
Dale Seago
Julias Shaw
Patri Friedman
Tom Burroughes
Mariko Kawaguchi
Edgar A. Suter, MD
Ron Blackwood

Russell Whitaker at Survival Arts - GunBroker: an eBay for Gun Owners - an introduction to GunBroker, a firearms auction site that was born when eBay decided to disallow firearms. [survivalarts]

Dale Amon at - Last hurrah for the caissons - TRW's Tactical High Energy Laser has successfully shot an artillery projectile out of the sky. Warfare will never be the same. [samizdata]

Stephen J. Aldstadt at The Buffalo News - Toles reveals his ignorance on guns - a letter to the editor about a Tom Toles cartoon.

I found the Tom Toles cartoon in the Oct. 29 News highly offensive. He implied that a loophole in the gun laws enabled John Allen Mohammad to acquire a "military-style" rifle capable of killing pedestrians. Toles is showing his ignorance in this matter, and he might be better served writing about things with which he is more familiar.


The loophole Toles was referring to is the U.S. Constitution. - Anonymizer - an anonymous web browser proxy. You can disable cookies, scripts, ads, and referrers.

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