All You Democrats

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 25 Nov 2002 13:00:00 GMT
L. Neil Smith - All You Democrats - A message to democrats asking them to fix the problems they've caused with their socialist behavior. Maybe some of them can finally see the result of their philosophy. I won't hold my breath. I posted this on the bulletin board in the kitchen where the community I live in shares its meals. Many democrats live here. I doubt it will be well received. Good. The pot needs to be stirred. [smith2004]
But despite the authoritarian excesses of the Bush Administration, they don't bear the primary responsibility for what's happening today. No, for decades, it was perfectly all right if Democratic leaders, and the bureaucrats and policemen who worked for them, had dictatorial powers of life and death over the American people they claimed to be serving. You trusted your leaders with those powers, even if nobody else did, and anybody who didn't, you muzzled -- the gatekeepers at the networks and newspapers worked for you -- and dismissed as "mean spirited".

Now those same powers, powers that you created and bestowed upon your own -- powers that nobody was ever meant to have under the rule of law we quaintly call the Constitution and the Bill of Rights -- are in somebody else's hands, hands that you're inclined, like me, to see as basically malevolent. But now, if you complain, you get the same cold shoulder and ominously threatening glare that you once gave to others.

You aren't patriotic.

You may be a terrorist.

The United States hasn't recently changed course, not at all. You allowed Woodrow Wilson to hand control of the nation's economy over to a cartel consisting mostly of foreign banks, and to tax individual incomes -- forever destroying privacy in the United States. You'll have nobody but your own party to blame when the government reads every word you write, follows every move you make, and monitors every transaction.

Greg Swann - Reds - Communism has become part and parcel of almost every group activity in America. There's nothing wrong with charitable organizations. The promotion of self-sacrifice is the problem. [smith2004]

It's not a matter of controlling states or controlling weapons or controlling factories. The issue--the only issue--is controlling you. More properly, convincing you to surrender your self-control. To give up your mind and your body and your soul, to deny to yourself any right to the personal, the private, the not-to-be-sacrificed. To renounce your own ego because it is yours, because it can never be shared, because it is a treasure so precious it must never be pawed at by strangers. When they convince you to damn your own self for being a self, Communism can triumph. The territory to be captured is you.

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