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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 23 Nov 2002 13:00:00 GMT
Kevin Tuma - T.I.A. - cartoon commentary on how the Total Information Awareness system turns the U.S. into the land of the safe and home of the watched.

Stinger Penguns makes a single-shot .22 long rifle caliber handgun that looks like a pen. They're working on a .38 caliber version and a carbine length barrel. [kaba]

Kim du Toit - Anything You Can Do... - Mr. du Toit claims victory in the biggest gun contest. Hehe.

According to it's Bill Summary & Status page, the senate's amendment to H.R. 5005, the "Homeland Security Act of 2002", was approved by the House yesterday shortly after noon by unanimous consent. Dr. Paul didn't force a roll call vote. It's on the way to Bushnev's desk. It appears that there was over an hour of discussion, but the Congressional Record digest for November 22 is not yet available from Thomas. It should appear here sometime soon.

Harry Browne at World Net Daily - What we can learn from World War II - as I said earlier, the U.S. hasn't belonged in any war since World War II, and I'm not too sure about that. Mr. Browne is sure. We didn't belong in that one either.

Why did America get in the war?

Because Franklin Roosevelt thought it was to his personal advantage.

Michael Z. Williamson at KeepAndBearArms.com - Cutting Through the Propaganda - how the anti-gunners, and many of us freedom lovers, have reversed the original meanings of left-wing and right-wing. [kaba]

Let's look at the present day. Current shills against legitimate firearms ownership include Sarah Brady, paying herself a hefty salary and demanding $50K per speaking engagement; millionaire actor Michael Douglas; billionaire business owner Andrew McKelvey; millionaire film director Spike Lee (who has publicly stated a desire to see Charlton Heston "shot with a .44 Bulldog"); the Baldwin clan of actors; billionaire Rockefellers in political fields; millionaire Kennedys; billionaire Ted Turner; the oppressive, soulless, First and Second Amendment crushing ABC, owned by Disney Corporation...

Not one of these can pretend to be "Left Wing" and "support the common person." They are, in fact, goose-stepping Fascists, who are, in the immortal words of the late Douglas Adams, "A bunch of mindless jerks who'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes." They know it. And that's why they fear our guns.


So, how to use this information as ammunition in the fight? Be preemptive. As soon as you encounter an anti RKBA speaker, immediately make it clear that they support an elitist philosophy of police stateism and personal privilege. That they are Right Wing for creating a double standard by which well-connected rich whites are protected by guns, and the poor and minorities are not. You will leave them with their jaws wide open, unable to speak, and thoroughly on the defensive.

All together now: "I'm a Left Wing Gun Nut, and I'm Proud!"

Joe Kovacs at WorldNetDaily - 4th-grader suspended for gun shell in pocket - at Fred A. Anderson Elementary School in North Carolina, they had a "camouflage day". 9-year-old Jonathan Cross wore his duck-hunting outfit. Unfortunately for him, there was a shotgun shell in one of the pockets. His school's zero-intelligence policy got him suspended. I wrote the following email to the principal. The school's phone number is 252-745-4611. [kaba]

Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 20:12:57 -0500
To: faa@mail.pamlico.k12.nc.us (Hal Holloman)
From: "Bill St. Clair" <bill@billstclair.com>
Subject: Jonathan Cross
Cc: bill@billstclair.com

Dr. Hal Holloman
Fred A. Anderson Elementary School
515 Anderson Drive
Bayboro, NC 28515

Dr. Holloman:

I read on the internet the story of the suspension of Jonathan Cross from your school for the horrible crime of forgetting that his camouflage day outfit still contained a shotgun shell. Fred A. Anderson Elementary School joins a host of other proponents of zero intelligence, er... tolerance. You have punished a good child for an honest mistake. He intended no harm, he harmed no one, and the probability of harm from his behavior was extremely low. Your kids are in more danger crossing the street. A simple reminder to be more careful in the future would have sufficed. Shame on you.

Bill St. Clair

Joel Simon at The Libertarian Enterprise - I Just Don't Want to Die Alone - From back in January, when the new airport "security" practices were new. Mr. Simon explains why he shoots alot. [trt-ny]

Associated Press - SWAT team invades wrong house; 2 hurt - in San Antonio. I guess I should be thankful they didn't kill anyone. Naw. Jail these thugs for assault and battery. "Everything was done by procedure," said the deputy police chief. A bullet to the head sounds to me like proper procedure for him. [smith2004]

"We are sitting here and then all of them arrived," 20-year-old Salvador Huerta said. Huerta and two cousins were watching television when police shattered the back glass door Wednesday night.

"We were kicked and punched at least 20 times. I couldn't talk. I was good and scared."

Salvador Huerta suffered a broken front tooth and swollen face. His cousin, 19-year-old Marcos Huerta, was treated and released for a cut face and bruised head.

Eric Bailey at the LA Times - Pot Raids Spur Calls to Quit Working With DEA - several California cities are telling their local police to stop cooperating with the feds. The correct behavior of course is for the local sheriff to calmly announce to all federal agents that they have no jurisdiction anywhere but federal property and to inform them that if they show their faces again they will be arrested, and if they resist, they will be shot. [drugsense]

Bill Steigerwald at the (PA) Tribune-Review via MAPInc - Czar Wars - one "stone-sober grandfather" relates his experience at a "debate" with Drug Czar John Walters. [drugsense]

Carl Bussjaeger - Welcome to the Police State; Now shut up and do as you're told - Mr. Bussjaeger catalogs the restrictions on our liberties and concludes that we are now living in a full-blown police state. I concur. [kaba]

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