4 March, 2000

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Once again, I'm putting new items
below the pictures.

Last night, I made the other side of the sign I intend to carry in the
Millennium Marijuana March on Saturday. I also folded up a 4'x1'
piece of cardboard into a handle for the sign. This is a design
suggested by Brian Fitzgerald. Hopefully, the cops won't consider
this a potential weapon. Last year they stole the 1x5 boards I stapled
my signs on. The bottom pictures below show the foam board and
handle. I'll tape the handle to the foam board, and tape the signs to
the two sides of the result. Clicking on the bottom pictures will
bring up a full-size version.

LegalizeLibertySign-640x480: Legalize Liberty Sign for the
Foam board and handleSignHandleCloseup-320x240: A closeup of the end of the handle I made out of cardboard for my sign.

Nice note from Angus Glashier [latte] over at the
I created yesterday. Thanks for the good wishes, Angus!

Deborah Marie Pulaski, as told to Claire Wolfe -

On the Day I Die
: A wonderful story. Must be from Claire's
archives: copyright 1997. Where are you Claire? I miss you. [sierra]

I have to say it again. I love freedom more than I love anything. More
than I ever loved anything. And that's what makes the thought of dying
so bitter, and at the same time, so welcome.

BBC News -

How to spot a liar
. Interesting. [wnd]

If you want to tell if somebody is lying, you must focus on their
eyes, brows and forehead.

Joe Farrah at WorldNetDaily -

Why I hate Congress
: Right after Elian Gonzales was kidnapped,
many republican congressmen used strong language and promised
hearings. Now they've changed their tune. Not that we could expect
much. After all, congressional hearings brought noone to justice for
the mass murder at Waco. [wnd]

Criminal abuses of power don't warrant statesmanlike and measured
responses. They call for action. They call for punishment. That's the
role of Congress when the executive branch breaks the law, runs amok
and abuses authority... There are no checks and balances in the
U.S. federal government today. The executive branch is running the
show. We have a de facto imperial presidency.

ABC News -

Vieques Eviction
: The feds evicted the protesters from Vieques
naval base in Puerto Rico. 140 were arrested. [wnd]

"Puerto Rico has been invaded again," New York City councilman Jose
Rivera said as he was led away by a U.S. Marshal. "I can promise
you tomorrow there will be civil disobedience all over the United

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