Molon Labe?

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 11 Apr 2009 15:48:31 GMT  <== RKBA ==> 

Kat Kanning asked, over at New Hampshire Underground, whether people were planning on shooting government workers, should they come to our houses to take our guns. I responded with the following, which may well cause me to be banned at their harm-no-government-employee-ever-for-any-reason forum:

Russell and Kat are on record with their policy of complete non-violence towards thugs with guns if those thugs happen to be wearing government uniforms. So I mostly don't talk about that here.

But to answer Kat's question, if a thug with a gun came to my door, and demanded ANYTHING of me, especially that I turn over my guns, I would consider myself to be justified in shooting it, feeding its liver to my dogs, and burying or burning it in my yard. Whether or not it was wearing a fancy uniform, funny hat, and shiny badge.

As a practical matter, actually doing that, if the thug WERE wearing a badge, is not likely to work out well for me, given that the police are members of a large, well-organized, heavily-armed, and extremely vindictive gang, but I might decide to die fighting rather than live on my knees. And I have great respect for anyone else who makes that decision. I personally think that if the police start going door to door confiscating "illegal" guns, that it's going to go very badly for them. And for the legislators that authorized them to do it. I hope it never comes to that, because it will be ugly.

As for whether meeting home invasion with defensive violence would reflect poorly on the freedom movement, I doubt I would give it a thought at the time. The thugs will be at my door. The freedom movement will not.

The purpose of the Second Amendment is to make legislators, cops, and judges fear for their lives if they venture outside the narrow confines of their constitutional cage.

Mike Vanderboegh says it much better than I.

Having said that, I have great respect for all Russell and Kat do in an attempt to thwart the thugs without violence. Good luck to you.


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