Knob Creek Vignettes: "Obama, count your 'children.'"

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 06 Apr 2009 13:53:10 GMT  <== RKBA ==> 

Mike Vanderboegh - a short report on Mike's attendance of the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot. Oleg Volk took his picture for the book cover, he got some ammo-toting gear for cheap, and he coined a good line for the three percenters.

You know in every modern American war, when the enemy was getting pasted with a particularly effective artillery barrage or airstrike, it was the wont of GIs and Marines to holler out in approval: "Kaiser, count your 'children!'" or "Hitler, count your 'children!'" or "Tojo (Chairman Mao, Uncle Ho, Saddam), count your 'children!'"

At one point, a mule went slowly by, packed sky-high, hauling an equally burdened trailer and , delighted, I hollered out "Obama, count your 'children!'" People looked at me like I was nuts. Other people laughed and nodded.

But here's the thing: Clausewitz observed that in military affairs, "quantity has a quality all its own." As the Great Obama Firearm and Ammo Rush rolls on with no signs of abating, this transfer of defensive and offensive military power into the hands of the American people is a strategic military fact that is almost overwhelming to contemplate. Note well, Obama and your socialist butch minions -- you will NEVER be able to reclaim this by legislative fiat, you will NEVER be able to seize enough of it by force, you will NEVER get back the power that this transfer of military means represents. The American people have voted, are voting and will continue to vote with their wallets, and unless you are very, very circumspect, your own election to power hangs in the balance.

It boils down to this, Lightworker: if you continue to overstep your constitutional bounds (by the Founders' standards and not your own), the American people have the means to remove your regime should they be so inclined. Count your socialist 'children,' Obama. The American people are ready for them. And the Rush
STILL goes on.


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