'Simply Submit'

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Vin Suprynowicz at LewRockwell.com - Officer Ron advised that if stopped by police, you should "simply submit", and follow their commands. Vin outlines what happened to a bunch of people who did just that, and were killed by police impersonators, or by actual police. [militant]

This used to be a free country. For the first 50 years of the life of this Republic -- when things were pretty peaceful, from all reports -- we didn't even HAVE any police forces as we know them today. When was the Constitution amended, Former Officer Ron? When did they take the old part that says we're to remain "secure in our persons, houses papers, and effects," free from search and seizure unless a warrant is issued "upon probable cause supported by oath or affirmation ..." and add to it your new section that reads "Oh yeah, unless someone calling himself a policeman decides to stop you and issue whatever arbitrary orders and commands he can dream up, at which point you have to 'submit' or else he can shoot you down like a dog"?

I've got my copy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in front of me, Officer Ron -- you know, the one every "public servant" swears an oath to "protect and defend," even at the cost of his or her own, precious "officer safety"? And I can't find that part.

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