Thank You, FDA

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 09 Apr 2009 10:46:25 GMT  <== Politics ==> 

Thomas Schmidt at - Mr. Schmidt thanks the food and drug nazis for highlighting a bunch of really good foods, by banning them. He's right. Raw milk, and raw milk cheese, are really good. I wish we could buy raw human milk myself. Best milk I ever tasted. Fresh from my wife's breast when my son was nursing. [lew]

If Reblochon was good, I wondered what it tasted like in its pre-cheese form; yes, raw milk is what I now sought. I recalled seeing certified raw milk in my youth in Greenwich Village health food stores, but could not find any in the late 90s. Seems when I was not paying attention, you took care of that little matter by banning interstate sales of raw milk in 1984. Colleagues from the former Soviet Union extolled the delicious nature of milk fresh from the cow, dismayed that they could not find such in the land of the free.

All this spurred me to locate a source. The Union Square Greenmarket revealed a few suppliers selling their own raw milk cheeses; perhaps they had a pint or two of the real stuff? No, but one supplier, Hawthorne Valley Farm, did sell raw milk at their farmstead, as permitted under New York State law. And so I found myself driving 120 miles north of the city, where unhomogenized raw milk was for sale at the farm; I bought a half-gallon, and took it home to try. Warmed to "cow temperature," it was delightfully sweet and creamy. Why should it be banned?

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