July 2005

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 01 Aug 2005 10:58:39 GMT
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Friday, 1 July: Smokers Liberation Front

Saturday, 2 July: Useful Men Monday, 4 July: Declare Your Independence from Washington D.C. Tuesday, 5 July: Frankensteins of Unbounded Power Wednesday, 6 July: Sell Matches or Rescue a Drowning Man: Go to Jail Thursday, 7 July: Alberto Gonzalez: Bushnev's Fascist Play Friday, 8 July: Project Aardvark Saturday, 9 July: Smoking Marijuana Does Not Cause Lung Cancer Sunday, 10 July: Free Energy Monday, 11 July: Old Soldiers Tuesday, 12 July: LIPC: Phaser that Asshole, Spock Wednesday, 13 July: American Hiroshima Thursday, 14 July: Armed Bear Common Lisp and Google Earth Friday, 15 July: Who Is Going to Stop Me? Saturday, 16 July: New Car Fever Sunday, 17 July: New Civic in My Future Monday, 18 July: Evil and Stupid Tuesday, 19 July: NRA Snubs Columbus Over Gun Ban Wednesday, 20 July: New Car Delivered Thursday, 21 July: Stress Defined Friday, 22 July: Short Shrift Saturday, 23 July: Bill of Rights Press Sunday, 24 July: DraftResistance.org Monday, 25 July: For As Long As Our Love Shall Last Tuesday, 26 July: Kneejerk Nannies Wednesday, 27 July: Maribel Cuevas Thursday, 28 July: FetchBook.Info Friday, 29 July: PGP Creator Does VoIP Saturday, 30 July: What Eighth Amendment? Sunday, 31 July: Finished HBP

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