If The Darkness Descends

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 16 Apr 2012 14:16:40 GMT  <== RKBA ==> 

TL Davis - excellent essay on the importance of universal gun ownership in a free society, without any restrictions of any kind except that criminal misuse of guns will cause the perps to experience quick and brutal death, at the hands of we the people. [westernrifleshooters]

Guns aren’t even the issue, the issue is control. I don’t give a dang who has a gun, issue them to felons when they come out of prison if you want to. If they want one, they’ll get it and use it to do whatever they want. Issue them to school children, what difference does it make? Those who will use them will get them and use them. Trying to stop it by taking the guns away from those who could stop it is insanity. One has to believe in the goodness of the people to understand my point. There are one hundred times more good people who would stop that insanity with guns as there are people who would do bad things with them.

The point is, we supposedly have a free society, I mean that is the point of America is its freedom, but everyday that loses a little bit of legitimacy and what is America without it? It is just another dictatorship of elected officials. The vote doesn’t matter, cast them for whoever you want to, elect Barack Obama again, elect him ten more times. Nothing will change, every new insult, every new violation of freedom just makes the principles of freedom and justice that much more rare and that much more valuable and every politician will come after them, because freedom is the opposite of government. It is matter and anti-matter.

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