Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 14 Apr 2012 14:04:50 GMT  <== jsMaze ==> 

jsMaze.com is a new game I'm developing. JavaScript on the client. Node.js on the server. Socket.IO for network communication. Redis for persistence. The server is running now on an Amazon EC2 micro-instance.

Currently, other players appear as blue rectangles. I'll make a better default appearance soon, that will let you know which direction they're facing. Then chat. Then missiles. At that point, it will be a copy of the maze game I played on the PDP-10 machines at Project Mac at MIT in the mid-seventies.

Planned development: individual accounts, bandwidth and storage paid with credits, daily credit allowance, or buy them from me. Individual character images as front, back, left, and right PNGs or GIFs, wall hangings and drawings, individual mazes with access control and image moderation. Inanimate objects. Scripts to turn inanimate objects into robots.

And whatever else I and my community of players/coders dream up.

Open source: github.com/billstclair/jsmaze


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